Renna's Discoveries: Messy Me Tunic for Babies & Toddlers

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Messy Me Tunic for Babies & Toddlers

Kids get messy !! There is no denying it or hiding it. Even when they are wearing the nicest of clothes, and you ask them really nicely to try and be careful with the very expensive white dress or shirt, and not get it dirty.....its impossible.
My kids clothes have never lasted that long due to the amazing red stain that you seem to get from all baby food. So, the bibs got bigger and then tunics were bought. Cotton bibs are beautiful and soft, but, they last, a week, if that. I bought so many of the stupid things, I never learnt. So when they got bigger and they could wear Tunics, I bought loads. They are wipe-able and clean up really easily. The only thing with a lot of the ones I had, was that they couldn't go in the washing machine, due to the plastics used in them. So, I was forever wiping them down with sponges or giving them a quick shower to clean them.
Messy Me have sorted all of those problems, as they produce a tunic that babies up to toddlers can wear.  They are super cute too. 

They do colours to suit boys and girls in this gorgeous star design. They have set colours of Olive Grey, Dusty Pink, Midnight Blue, Classic Red (same as mine), Teal Blue and Vintage Floral. They are made out of Oil Cloth from Denmark, so, they are super resistant to anything really. They are easy to clean....and you Can put them in the washing machine on a low heat if its just too much to handle.
They are a good length, so it pretty much covers most the clothing and it is not too tight, so the kiddies, can actually run around still wearing them.
They have a Velcro fastening at the back, so its easy to put on and take off without annoying the kids too much.

It is fantastic quality and they are five star in making sure it will last. The stitching is perfect, which makes the whole tunic well worth the money.  Online it is sold at £9.50, and can be bought through their website. 
Here is my friends Grandaughter wearing the red one. She loves to move, so it was difficult to get a perfect picture, however, she is 16 months, and the length on her was still perfect, and she wasn't restricted at all. 
The tunic can be used for absolutely anything from eating, to painting, to any kinds of crafts, and it will be sure to keep your little one clean as a whistle.

Messy Me also produce a few other items that are perfect for messy little people and for helping out Mum and Dad. They have cushions for the wooden high chairs, the Messy Mat, to go on the floor underneath the high chair, or just to play and paint on, they have Messy Bibs, they have an apron for the messy cooks out there, and they also have a Messy Clutch Bag for your baby essentials whilst you are out.

Have a look at their website for a full list of the products and all the colours.

Remember, its Christmas Soon, as these would make a great gift.

*I was sent this Tunic to review , all opinions are my own.