Renna's Discoveries: Soulthing - Nutrients & Diet Supplements

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Soulthing - Nutrients & Diet Supplements

Soulthing is a UK based company that produce nutritional supplements for a healthy lifestyle. Emphasise on the supplement !! These are here to join in with your food and give you extra goodness, not to take food away.
Some people have that misfortune to never feeling full up, or feeling empty earlier than others. This is where a protein shake could come in useful. I generally have a slump about 11am or 3pm, where I feel tired or really hungry, and lately I've been trying loads of different shakes to stop me from snacking on sweet treats. The shops sell loads of ready made protein shakes. The protein contents are not generally that high, so one that you can make at home have more goodness in them and make you feel fuller for longer.
Protein shakes are extra good for people that want to loose weight and it also helps with the build up of muscle. (But you do have to go to the gym to build muscle....don't think a shake is going to suddenly work miracles, it's just there to help you)

Soulthing's Shake Time is Vanilla flavour - so it goes with everything and can be mixed easily with fruit. Its suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and its also wheat, gluten and dairy free, So, its pretty much suitable for everyone. Plus is actually really delicious !!!
It is sold in 300g pots and you should get a minimum of 12 servings from a pot. This is £14.95, so its really good value and costs no-more than the shakes you can buy from the shops pre-done. 
It is a great powder that can be mixed easily with water, soya or almond milk or fruit juice. I tried it with water, but I preferred it with normal milk. (I'm not on a dairy free diet, so this is fine for me, however, I really must try the other versions of milk). It can be mixed in a shake mixer like SmartShake , have a look at a previous blog post HERE, very easily. No lumps and tastes fantastic. Its just two scoops (scoop provided) and roughly a pint of liquid, or less, its up to you. This is great for a quick shake if you just want it plain.

Of course, I like to experiment a little, so I tried it in our breakfast smoothies. I love my Kitchen Aid, its just brilliant !! Most mornings we will have a smoothie of some kind. Our favourite is banana. Just add two bananas, pint of milk and simple. So this time, I added the Shake Time.

Its beautifully smooth and tastes fab, and I just filled my body with loads of extra goodness.

Then, of course you can add your favourite berries, and give them a blitz.

Dadah !!! Another delicious drink for another day.

Alternatively, you can just use strawberries for less of a bitty drink. I always find that blueberries never disappear completely in a drink. So, basically, you can add any fruit to them that blitz up nicely.
I've heard adding dates and almond milk is really good - from a friend, however, I love to eat my dates too much to blitz them up yet.
I've really enjoyed using Shake Time and would definitely recommend it. I have felt really good throughout the day using this and really wanted to share it with you. It contains all those great things that your body needs on the inside to keep it in good working order, so if you ever have digestion problems, this is also a good way to sort out any of those problems.

Soulthing also have Hemp Pro protein powder and Pea Protein powder, these are both at £16.45. Hemp is like a super super food, so I'd like to try this one next. (although, I went for the vanilla one first as I have a very sweet tooth unfortunately).

Soulthing generally sell supplements. They are all in cute little bottles and range from 60 capsules to 120 capsules, prices range from £7.95 all the way to £19.95 depending on which one you choose.
They have Acai Berry, Fibre Plus, Krill Oil, Omega 3-6-9, Stay Flexi and the good old Vitamin C along with a few others.
I chose the Cherry Beet at £14.95 for 60 capsules. I chose this because its coming onto winter and I need extra antioxidants so I don't become unwell. Having kids, they like to bring germs home with them and then I generally end up with a cold. I can handle the cold, its the flu I want to stay away from and chest infections, as these last for what seems like forever. So I keep my immunity up higher during the colder months. They also contain Folic Acid and Iron, which I need as I have tired spells throughout the day and because of the nitrate content they give me a burst of energy. I can definitely feel the different when I have them to when I don't. You can have one to three capsules a day, its up to you. Most supplements that Soulthing sell, apart from three, are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and people on a wheat and gluten free diet. So there is something for everyone. 

Soulthing also sell energy bundles where you can save money and stay healthy. Have a look at their website for further details and have a look at their wonderful products.
It's winter and we all need a bit of help to stay fit and healthy, plus life can be manic sometimes. I'm a mum, and sometimes, I forget to look after myself as I am too pre-occupied in making sure the kids are sorted and healthy. Which is why I turn to supplements to make sure I'm getting what I need. Plus if you're a gym goer or do lots of heavy exercise, try these and let us know what you think.

Remember....supplements are to supplement your diet not to have instead of food !!!