Renna's Discoveries: The Black Farmer Sausages - All Gluten Free!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Black Farmer Sausages - All Gluten Free!!

Gluten free food is finally getting everywhere. There are so many people that unfortunately can not tolerate gluten. It can cause celiac disease and can be very painful. If eaten it can cause bloating, cramping, skin rashes and can damage your intestinal walls. So for many years anyone with a celiac diet had to just cut out foods. There were no alternatives.
These days however, everyone is joining in on the act, and even if people do not need to cut out gluten, they are doing so anyways, as they believe it is a healthier option for them.
Sausages have been around for centauries. Every country has their own special way of making sausages and are all very proud of their traditional sausages. Now a lot of butchers would add rice, breadcrumbs, oatmeal, and barley to cheaper cuts of meat to bulk them out. So they would make more money, but not necessarily thinking about the consumer themselves.
Now, here comes The Black Farmer - Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones. He was born in Jamaica and moved to live in the UK in the 50's. He worked in TV Food for many years, introducing us to many a famous TV Chef, that we have all grown to love and admire. Then, he finally followed his dreams and bought his own farm. He produced sausages from his farm and whilst visiting farmers markets, he met a lot of people who couldn't eat them due to having a wheat intolerance. So as he is a lover of sausages. He sympathised with people who had to give up The Sausage due to their intolerance, so he thought, he would make sausages that everyone can eat and enjoy. He wanted to make a gluten free sausage that was nearest to 100% meat and British meat at that. So in 2004, Here is born: 

So many sausages have a disgusting low amount of actual meat in them. You should always check the ingredients list on the back of sausages !!!! Some sausages are only 50% meat, the rest is a load of different stuff purely just to bulk it out. Some of that so called meat is parts of the animal you don't actually want to know about. Some sausages smoke so much when they are cooked, it just proves how much fat and goodness knows what else has been added.
The Black Farmer has many products that he has produced including Sausages, Burgers, Meatballs, Cheese and Chicken and they are all British.
His sausages are all prime cuts of meats mixed with Soya Flour.
I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of Premium Pork Sausages. Now, I have to admit, they arrived in perfect time for dinner, so I cooked them pretty much immediately after we got home, and I forgot to take any pictures of them......they cooked beautifully in the oven (Yes....I am an oven bake sausage gal, I hate all the mess on the hob when frying and didn't think to grill them at the time).
We all ate them and thoroughly enjoyed them with mash and gravy. They tasted amazing and were very succulent. They didn't smoke out my kitchen and are 90% meat, so they have less fat than other sausages too.

I've had to use The Black Farmers photos from his website to show you, as no-one stood a chance in my house to take photos.
Now, more bonuses to this amazing man, is that he only uses Free Range Outdoor Bred meat. Which makes me a very happy mum. I like to feed my kids, and of course myself the most healthiest versions of anything that I can. I know the animals are only fed a natural diet and they have enjoyed the natural life.
These sausages would also be great in a casserole, and as its now winter and cold, I love to make casseroles in the slow cooker. These are strong enough to withstand a casserole and will not break down in any shape or form. These are robust sausages and can basically be cooked in any way you like.
There is also a Cook Book to accompany the sausages and to prove all the different ways he would like you to try them. These can be purchased online and they can also be signed for you. Great for a Christmas Gift !!

I would definitely recommend this brand, and I will be sure to buy them when I'm out shopping.
They are stocked in all supermarkets now, which just proves how absolutely amazing they are.

Have a look at The Black Farmers website for more details and his different products.

"Flavours without Frontiers"

All Photos credited to The Black Farmer.