Renna's Discoveries: November 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Get More Done When You Eat The Right Foods by Quill.Com

I came across this and I thought it was well worth sharing. Food is important and if we eat the right foods, we are a lot happier and get more done throughout the day, purely because you are fuelling your body with the right foods.
Have a read, its actually a very useful guide.

Jack Cherry And the Juicer - A story to over come the Bullies

The thought of my children being bullied in any way scares me. We all know young children say things that they don't really realise how much it will effect another child. Some take it very personally and others shrug it off. I'm obviously not talking about physical bullying, just mental bullying for now. (Because physical bullies can not just be shrugged off)
Mental bullying can really effect how a child thinks, and how they see others. It can ruin dreams and lives. It can make a child feel inadequate and that the world hates them. Bullying can seem very minor all the way up to when children don't even want to leave their own homes for the fear of being bullied.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Beauty Blogger Box - November Box

Monthly subscription boxes are everywhere, and with a complete variety of items in them. I'm going to tell you about the Blogger Beauty Box that I had the pleasure of receiving. This box is purely for bloggers. I thought that I'd give it a go and see what arrives. Each box is a surprise, and has a variety of beauty products that the makers would liked to be blogged about. The box I'm going to show you is the November Box. Now obviously each month is different and you wont ever receive the same item twice. The box costs £10 per month including postage..... yes, that's not a typo, it included the postage!!! Wow right ???
So here we are, what I have got this month?
When I initially opened it, I thought, Wow...all this for a tenner!!

We had a 100% Vegan style handmade soap from Stvdio 5

Cute ey??? We've used it, and its really soft of the skin, and it doesn't make your skin feel dry afterwards.

Next we have a sample pot of Night Cream from Nadeballa. This is a very expensive brand. The full size of this pot is £39.00. Personally, I'd never heard it, but, its really lush. Its definately for the night time, as its almost like an oily cream. Very nourishing , and smells like lemons. This is a cream that feels so wonderful, you want to keep stroking your face.

Now we have the Blanx White  Shock toothpaste. This is a toothpaste that will help whiten your teeth. It has a special ingredient which coats your teeth and works throughout the day to whiten them naturally. The LED accelerator light is attached to the opening of the toothpaste and starts the process and gets the ingredients working. 

Bionsen Roll on Deodorant. This is paraben free and great for sensitive skin.
This was my absolute favourite item - Burt's Bees Lipgloss. Its a very natural colour and just gives your lips a bit of a shine. It feels really nice on, and goes with everything and perfect for the handbag or even pocket !

Happy Blogging !!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Provena - Gluten Free Love

I recently tried one of Provena's products and loved it. Here I am going to let you know about their other products.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sausage Mash Pie - Quick Easy Dinner

I have a few friends that don't really cook at home as often as they'd like, purely because of time and patience. So I thought I would show them something that is easy to do at home. 
If I have a busy evening, I like to make dinner in the morning when I have the time, so then I can just reheat it later.
So, I'm going to write this as simply as I can, for those who say, they can't cook !!
Big Tip - Cheat!!!
I'm making Sausage Mash Pie - my style. This is completely off the cuff, I haven't followed any recipe, as I have a sachet !! (Biggest cheat ever!!) 

A bag of white potatoes
10 Sausages (I'm using The Black Farmer - these are actually Gluten Free)
Colmans Shepherds Pie Mix (This is my cheat item)
One Onion
Five carrots
Handful of plum tomatoes.

To make your life simple the first thing you do is peel the potatoes, and cut them in half. Put them into a saucepan of salted hot water, and then leave them all to boil up and cook. Whilst the potatoes are boiling.....
fry the sausages just to brown the outside.

Cut up your carrots, any shape you like, any size you like. Cut up the onion...again, anyway you like. I leave them big so the kids can pick them out. Cut the tomatoes in half. No I'm not de-skinning, they are going in as is.
You can add any vegetables you like to this. i.e peas, sweetcorn, chopped courgette, whatever you have in your fridge.

Once the sausages are browned, cut each one into four pieces

and throw them all in a casserole dish

Use your Cheat Item and follow their instructions. My mix says to add the contents to 300mls of water and stir. I added a good sprinkle of Turmeric, as I'm not feeling great, and this is good for your immune system.  

Get your vegetables in the frying pan and start cooking. After a few minutes, pour in the liquid mix and stir, then leave to cook for about 5 minutes. Yes, you will need to add more water, so add as much as you feel necessary. Play it by ear, as don't forget, this is also your gravy. I think I added another 300ml in the end, as my sauce reduced whilst I was cooking the vegetables in the liquid.

Once you think its ready, pour the vegetables and liquid mix over the sausages in the casserole dish. Stir it all up.
By now the potatoes should be cooked, you'll know this by sticking a small knife through the potato and if it goes through easily, they are done.

So, pour the potatoes into a strainer to get rid of the water, throw the potatoes back into the saucepan, add salt and pepper, I like to add a quick pour of milk, and on this occasion, I added a good big spoonful of cream cheese, and mashed. Once all the lumps were out and its as smooth as I like it - you can have it anyway you like....extra smooth or lumpy, it doesn't matter.
Then spoon on the mashed potato on top of the sausage mix, add a sprinkle of black pepper, and that's it. Yes you can add cheese if you want, you can do a oaty crust on top as well if you like. Its your dinner, be inventive.

Later when I get home from the kids activities at 4.45pm. I will put the Pie in the oven for roughly 40 minutes to warm up ready for dinner.

Cooking can be easy and simple, no-one should say that they can't cook. There are always ways of cooking to make life easier for your lifestyle.
Quick note: I used Gluten Free sausages, however the sachet was not Gluten Free.

If I was out all day, I would have thrown the lot in my slow cooker and left it on for the day, and on my return, would have boiled some potatoes. If I did this, I probably would have added a can of tomatoes.
As you can see, there was no real chef skills going on here. I'm just cooking dinner, which can be as easy or as complicated as you like. 

Neom Organic - London - Scent to make you Feel Good

I wanted to let you know about some fab Christmas Gifts that you can get from Neom Organics in London.
The founder of Neom, Nicola Elliot, who used to work for Glamour Magazine, decided to cut out the stress at work and start her own business, using scents that can reduce stress in women. Women have very busy lives, trying to get everything done in such a small amount of time. Yes, so do men....however, she initially thought of women, being a woman herself. Men can obviously enjoy all of Neoms products too.
She wanted to help improve sleep, anxiety, stress and energy. So after years of researching, she combined the right scents to create her products, whether it be candles, sprays or roll on oils. All of her products are 100% natural with nothing added, and all crafted in Great Britain.
They have an huge collection in different smells and sizes which you can see at their website, but for now, I'm going to share one of my favourite scents and a real Christmas Treat.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Black Farmer - Easy Roast in the Bag Pork Loin

I wrote about The Black Farmer last month in a post HERE, and about his story into starting up a business where he only produced Gluten Free Sausages. From sausages the founder, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones moved onto burgers and meatballs, and now.....may I introduce the ROAST IN A BAG Pork Loin!!!
Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. This is the Sage & Onion flavour, the first flavour to be produced. There will be others, and if I'm honest they can't come soon enough. Now, the reason why The Black Farmer is also amazing is that ALL of his products are Gluten Free. So this Pork Loin flavouring is also Gluten free.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Loch Fyne in St Albans

I thought I would let you know about our trip to Loch Fyne in St Albans. I won a competition to have free starters from the new menu, so this was a great excuse to go out for a special treat. A pre Christmas gift if you like, and a family meal out. I didn't research the menu like I normally do before arriving, as I fancied a surprise. So, I was unaware of the prices.....
This is the entrance to Loch Fyne in St Albans. It's actually really lovely. I know.... I was very surprised, as I was imagining a white building with a small sign on the outside, but this entrance was big and bold, and you couldn't miss it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Flax Farm Linseed Flapjacks

Whilst we were at The Cake & Bake Show in London this Autumn, I met a lovely lady called Clare who had some amazing Flapjack samples. Now....I LOVE FLAPJACKS !! I love all kinds of Flapjacks. So I had to try them. These flapjacks included Linseed. To be honest, I don't know much about Linseed, apart from its one of the many Super foods also known as Flax Seed. It is sold in Waitrose and many health shops. I'm sure its sold in most supermarkets, but, to be honest, I've not looked for it that much.
Clare was selling her Flax Farm Linseed Porridge which is what she used for the flapjacks. I really enjoyed them, so I went for it and bought a pack.   
I love adding whatever I like to flapjack mixes to make them even healthier. So, here goes.....

Provena Gluten Free - Oat Bread Mix

In my last DegustaboxI was sent a packet of Provena Gluten Free Oat Bread Mix. I was excited to give this a go, as I'm starting to love certain gluten free foods. I do not have a tolerance, but, something bloats me out, so I'm trying new products, to see if it is a mild gluten issue.
I loved the packaging and I was very intrigued, so myself and the kids had a cooking day. I've been meaning to make bread with them for ages, so, this was the perfect opportunity.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - October - Jojoba !!

Our world is full of plants that we use on a daily basis for our health, food, and beauty regimes. The Jojoba plant has many uses, however, it is mainly used on our skin. The beauty industry like to use the wax (not oil - although it comes out like an oil and is called oil, so we will call it oil in this post) for an all over body moisturiser. The wax is actually produced from the seeds of the plant.
Originally the Native Americans used to heat the seeds and then use a pestle and mortar to squeeze out and create the wax. Then they would then use this on their hair or to help heal the skin from cuts or burns or any other ailment.
It does have a kind of nutty smell to it, or if the oils are completely refined then it is odourless.
The Jojoba Company in Australia have produced quite a few products that are rich in Jojoba. The packaging is gorgeous and fun for all age ranges and styles. They cold press their seeds to get the highest quality oils. Lovely!!