Renna's Discoveries: Flax Farm Linseed Flapjacks

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Flax Farm Linseed Flapjacks

Whilst we were at The Cake & Bake Show in London this Autumn, I met a lovely lady called Clare who had some amazing Flapjack samples. Now....I LOVE FLAPJACKS !! I love all kinds of Flapjacks. So I had to try them. These flapjacks included Linseed. To be honest, I don't know much about Linseed, apart from its one of the many Super foods also known as Flax Seed. It is sold in Waitrose and many health shops. I'm sure its sold in most supermarkets, but, to be honest, I've not looked for it that much.
Clare was selling her Flax Farm Linseed Porridge which is what she used for the flapjacks. I really enjoyed them, so I went for it and bought a pack.   
I love adding whatever I like to flapjack mixes to make them even healthier. So, here goes.....
Clare's recipe is to add 280g of butter and 70g syrup together and melt, then add 210g sugar and 467g of her Flax Farm Linseed Porridge. Mix well and place in lined tin.
Now, I didn't have any syrup so I decided to use Haughton Honey which I have used many times in my cooking, which I have previously blogged about.
I did worry about not using the syrup, but I soon got over it, when I could smell it.....aaaahhhhh its Heaven in a jar.   
I also added Almond Paste from which I had in the fridge and about 5 large chopped dates. 

Once it was all melted and mixed well (By by children) we pressed the mix into my non stick tin from Tesco. The mix fit perfectly.
I was then supposed to cook it for 20 minutes at 160c or until a light brown colour.
I think I went over slightly!!! It definitely needed a few minutes less - so make sure you keep an eye on it!!
So once I cut off the outside, I had gorgeous soft squidgy absolutely delicious healthy Flapjacks!!! They were amazing!! (and didn't last very long in my house) I like to cut my flapjacks into bite size pieces, as then I don't feel too guilty if I eat five in a row...... 
Nothing goes to waste in my house, so we still ate the outside bits, they were just a lot crunchier than the middle bits.

Now just a quick write up about Linseed / Flaxseed and why it is good for you. Flax farm linseed is low carb, gluten free, wheat free, rich in Omega-3, full of antioxidants, more fibre than branflakes, and nut free.
I didn't get any bloating at all with these, and I actually did feel really good for the few days we were eating these.
One main reason I love flapjacks, is that you can eat them at any time!! Breakfast, mid morning snack, something to have with a cup of tea, even dessert warmed up with custard.....the list is literally endless. 
We are trying to be healthier, but we don't want to give up what we love, so, that's why I add whatever I can to a basic flapjack mix.
Here's Clare's link for Flax Farm

Have a look, as she sells in bulk for a great value.

Have you tried Flax Seed, and how do you eat yours ?