Renna's Discoveries: Neom Organic - London - Scent to make you Feel Good

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Neom Organic - London - Scent to make you Feel Good

I wanted to let you know about some fab Christmas Gifts that you can get from Neom Organics in London.
The founder of Neom, Nicola Elliot, who used to work for Glamour Magazine, decided to cut out the stress at work and start her own business, using scents that can reduce stress in women. Women have very busy lives, trying to get everything done in such a small amount of time. Yes, so do men....however, she initially thought of women, being a woman herself. Men can obviously enjoy all of Neoms products too.
She wanted to help improve sleep, anxiety, stress and energy. So after years of researching, she combined the right scents to create her products, whether it be candles, sprays or roll on oils. All of her products are 100% natural with nothing added, and all crafted in Great Britain.
They have an huge collection in different smells and sizes which you can see at their website, but for now, I'm going to share one of my favourite scents and a real Christmas Treat.
 Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood Candle - Real Luxury Brand. £16.00
This is a 'sit back, relax and unwind' kind of scent. 
  1. The Lavender scent helps with sleep and anxiety
  2. The Jasmine scent helps with releasing brain chemicals to make you feel happy, and it also helps with anxiety.
  3. The Brazillian Rosewood scent can help with coughs and colds, anxiety and depression.
So, this has to be one of the most calming scent combinations there is.
My little candle is only 75g and is classed as a Travel candle. It has up to 20 hours of burn time. Its smells amazing, and I would definitely recommend this for yourself or for a gift.
Next is the ultimate Christmas gift from Neom. 
The Christmas Wish - Home Collection. £44.95
This is a 'breathe easy de-stress' kind of scent.
  1. The Manadrin scent helps with sleep and is very calming
  2. The Cinnamon scent helps you relax
  3. Tonka Bean scent helps you relax and has a very similar scent to vanilla
This candle also has 10 other essential oils included. This maybe a relaxing candle, however, its also the smell of Christmas. So its perfect to burn all throughout the Christmas period, and if you just want the scent but no flames, then the Home Mist is perfect.
The box includes a 150g candle which is up to 35 hours burn time, and the Home Mist is 30ml. It looks great doesn't it. Its such a beautiful gift. The candle holder is very eye catching. I love all the gold specks, which are actually real 18 carat gold!!! Yes, so this holder is a keeper!! It really is a stunning design.   

Neom has been growing from strength to strength. At the beginning of this year they have started doing their own Neom Spa Treatments with their essential oils. They have a new spa in Wimbledon if anyone is interested in visiting....I know I am!!

Do have a look at the website for all of Neoms wonderful collections HERE and place your orders, or alternatively they are stocked in a few of our amazing stores like, John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwicks, Heals. If you cant face the shops and you are in London town, you can get your gifts from Chuan Spa London, in the Langham Hotel.

Candle safety: Never Leave a Candle Unattended! Do Not Place Near Curtains.

Do you like receiving candles at Christmas? What is your favourite scent ?