Renna's Discoveries: Provena Gluten Free - Oat Bread Mix

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Provena Gluten Free - Oat Bread Mix

In my last DegustaboxI was sent a packet of Provena Gluten Free Oat Bread Mix. I was excited to give this a go, as I'm starting to love certain gluten free foods. I do not have a tolerance, but, something bloats me out, so I'm trying new products, to see if it is a mild gluten issue.
I loved the packaging and I was very intrigued, so myself and the kids had a cooking day. I've been meaning to make bread with them for ages, so, this was the perfect opportunity.
The ingredient's are very minimal : Oats, Potato Starch, Sunflower Seeds, Sugar and Raising Agents
Simple instructions too, you just need to add warm water, salt, melted margarine and yeast. I put it all in a mixing bowl together at the same time, and mixed in my electric mixer. Easy Right !!!

I did worry that my mix was too wet, but, as I had no gluten free flour to mix with it to dry it out, I just went with it. I followed the instructions, so, it must have been right. 
I greased a large loaf tin, and put it in to leave it to rise for 40 minutes. 
As you can see, it sure did make a difference in size. It was still too wet for my liking, but.....there was nothing I could do, and , maybe it was supposed to be this wet. Anyway I pushed it down into the corners of the tin, and put it in the oven for 25-30 minutes. 
It smelt absolutely incredible, and was lovely and soft to touch. It didn't rise up very much whilst cooking, but, I didn't think it mattered. It looked very rustic to me. 
This is not what I call bread, as you couldn't make a sandwich out of it, but for a small slice of warm soft goodness, this was lovely. It was more cakey, and definitely nicer when it was straight out the oven or toasted. 
You can see how soft it is. I really liked the sunflower seeds in there too, as it gave it a bit of a crunch and obviously added goodness. 
I would definitely try this again, with maybe less water to see if that makes a difference. However, it really did taste good.
This is sold online for Holland and Barratt and Amazon.
Have a look to see what other products Provena do for other Gluten Free Products  I know I'd like to try their Chocolate Muffins !!!
Are there any gluten free products that you would recommend?