Renna's Discoveries: Sausage Mash Pie - Quick Easy Dinner

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sausage Mash Pie - Quick Easy Dinner

I have a few friends that don't really cook at home as often as they'd like, purely because of time and patience. So I thought I would show them something that is easy to do at home. 
If I have a busy evening, I like to make dinner in the morning when I have the time, so then I can just reheat it later.
So, I'm going to write this as simply as I can, for those who say, they can't cook !!
Big Tip - Cheat!!!
I'm making Sausage Mash Pie - my style. This is completely off the cuff, I haven't followed any recipe, as I have a sachet !! (Biggest cheat ever!!) 

A bag of white potatoes
10 Sausages (I'm using The Black Farmer - these are actually Gluten Free)
Colmans Shepherds Pie Mix (This is my cheat item)
One Onion
Five carrots
Handful of plum tomatoes.

To make your life simple the first thing you do is peel the potatoes, and cut them in half. Put them into a saucepan of salted hot water, and then leave them all to boil up and cook. Whilst the potatoes are boiling.....
fry the sausages just to brown the outside.

Cut up your carrots, any shape you like, any size you like. Cut up the onion...again, anyway you like. I leave them big so the kids can pick them out. Cut the tomatoes in half. No I'm not de-skinning, they are going in as is.
You can add any vegetables you like to this. i.e peas, sweetcorn, chopped courgette, whatever you have in your fridge.

Once the sausages are browned, cut each one into four pieces

and throw them all in a casserole dish

Use your Cheat Item and follow their instructions. My mix says to add the contents to 300mls of water and stir. I added a good sprinkle of Turmeric, as I'm not feeling great, and this is good for your immune system.  

Get your vegetables in the frying pan and start cooking. After a few minutes, pour in the liquid mix and stir, then leave to cook for about 5 minutes. Yes, you will need to add more water, so add as much as you feel necessary. Play it by ear, as don't forget, this is also your gravy. I think I added another 300ml in the end, as my sauce reduced whilst I was cooking the vegetables in the liquid.

Once you think its ready, pour the vegetables and liquid mix over the sausages in the casserole dish. Stir it all up.
By now the potatoes should be cooked, you'll know this by sticking a small knife through the potato and if it goes through easily, they are done.

So, pour the potatoes into a strainer to get rid of the water, throw the potatoes back into the saucepan, add salt and pepper, I like to add a quick pour of milk, and on this occasion, I added a good big spoonful of cream cheese, and mashed. Once all the lumps were out and its as smooth as I like it - you can have it anyway you like....extra smooth or lumpy, it doesn't matter.
Then spoon on the mashed potato on top of the sausage mix, add a sprinkle of black pepper, and that's it. Yes you can add cheese if you want, you can do a oaty crust on top as well if you like. Its your dinner, be inventive.

Later when I get home from the kids activities at 4.45pm. I will put the Pie in the oven for roughly 40 minutes to warm up ready for dinner.

Cooking can be easy and simple, no-one should say that they can't cook. There are always ways of cooking to make life easier for your lifestyle.
Quick note: I used Gluten Free sausages, however the sachet was not Gluten Free.

If I was out all day, I would have thrown the lot in my slow cooker and left it on for the day, and on my return, would have boiled some potatoes. If I did this, I probably would have added a can of tomatoes.
As you can see, there was no real chef skills going on here. I'm just cooking dinner, which can be as easy or as complicated as you like.