Renna's Discoveries: The Black Farmer - Easy Roast in the Bag Pork Loin

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Black Farmer - Easy Roast in the Bag Pork Loin

I wrote about The Black Farmer last month in a post HERE, and about his story into starting up a business where he only produced Gluten Free Sausages. From sausages the founder, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones moved onto burgers and meatballs, and now.....may I introduce the ROAST IN A BAG Pork Loin!!!
Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. This is the Sage & Onion flavour, the first flavour to be produced. There will be others, and if I'm honest they can't come soon enough. Now, the reason why The Black Farmer is also amazing is that ALL of his products are Gluten Free. So this Pork Loin flavouring is also Gluten free.

They are pure and natural ingredients and all meat is RSPCA Approved and from the very best of farms. If you've never tried Roast in the Bag I suggest you do. However, The Black Farmer has taken out all the fuss, and you literally just put the whole packaging in the oven. Which means, no mess, no cleaning the baking tray afterwards, nothing. Which for me is perfect...(although I did actually save the little roasting tray for another time). Because it is all in the bag already, all the flavour is completely locked in, and when you open the the smells come rushing out, and because its sage and onion, it smells just like Christmas stuffing. Its just amazing. The pork has also absorbed all of that flavour.
Cook for 55 minutes at 180 degrees and job done !! The instructions are spot on, the meat was so succulent, that we had none left by the end of dinner. It is really hot, so make sure you are careful when opening the bag after cooking. We shared this 500g between the four of us as a family and it was just right. Although, if you share it between just two of you, this will be plenty, and you may even have a couple of slices over for a midnight snack afterwards.

You can see here how beautifully it cooks, and how many slices you can get from one loin.

Serve with proper roast potatoes and vegetables of your choice, use the juice from the meat and any vegetable water to make your gravy and dinner is served.
The Black Farmer products are in most supermarkets now, so if you see the packaging, I suggest you try it. I will love them.
I have also tried his daughters chipolatas, which would have gone so well with this dinner.

Have a look at The Black Farmer's website HERE for all of his other amazing Gluten Free products.