Renna's Discoveries: Coombe Abbey Hotel in Warwickshire

Friday, December 11, 2015

Coombe Abbey Hotel in Warwickshire

Coombe Abbey is an absolute must visit. The Hotel and the grounds are just stunning. The Abbey was founded in 1150 and was known as The Abbey of Cumbe. Inside the hotel it still has the original Cloisters which were built in 1509.
King Henry then took over the Abbey when he dissolved the monasteries, then it was sold to John Harrington who started building extra buildings onto the Abbey. With its splendour, it was fit for a princess, so Princess Elizabeth the First then stayed here to be educated.
In 1622 The Widow of Sir William Craven bought the property and it remained in the family for just over 300 years. They even had the Buckingham Palace architect to design the West Wing in 1682.
In 1849, they demolished parts of the East Wing and rebuilt it to a more gothic style along with servants quarters, a stable block and a coach house, which are still there today. The moat and the canal were constructed and led down to the lake.
When it was sold in 1923, John Gray bought the house and the land and started making changes again. He rebuilt certain parts of the house and began breeding Grays Red Poll Cattle on the land. He also then had to remove a large proportion on the conifers so the fields could be used during the war. There are still a lot of the original conifers on site, and they are huge!!
After John Gray died, the house needed a lot of work done to make it safe again, and after his daughters Husbands family couldn't afford to do it, it was then sold to Coventry City Council and turned into what it is today. So finally in 1966, the land was opened to the public for everybody to enjoy. There is a play area and guided walks around the Abbey, which is perfect for families and dog walkers to enjoy.

By February 1995 The Hotel opened with 63 bedrooms, the Cloisters Restaurant, the Chapter House bar, and conference and banqueting suites. Then in 2008 they opened a further 39 bedrooms in the Park Priory.

Courtesy of LateRooms.Com I took a friend, Miss E, with me to go and stay and enjoy the facilities.

This is the front of the Hotel as you walk in.

Then this is the back of the Hotel overlooking the grounds.
Inside the Hotel, there is so much to see. Literally everywhere you go, it is full of history, carvings, statutes, vintage vases. It is just incredible. Its almost like walking around a museum. It has to be seen to be believed.

We had a very nice stay at the Hotel. It does need some staff service improvements, however the venue is amazing and well worth the visit just to have a look around.