Renna's Discoveries: January 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Have I Been Eating ? With The Help of Nutribuddy

So I've been eating more healthier and cutting out (trying to) any unhealthy snacks. I thought I'd give you an insight in what I have been eating.
I have had some help from Nutribuddy to help me from snacking, but to prove that I have actually been eating as well as loosing weight, here you are....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit

To help me on my way to loose a few pounds and to tone up more I am using Nutribuddy's Weight Loss Starter Kit. When I completed a diet a few years ago it was a very high protein diet. This is a healthy diet and makes you feel fuller and less likely to snack on rubbish. So I actually like using protein snacks just purely to curb any temptation. They also help in repairing or building any muscle mass. I'm not a nutritionist and I'm not a personal trainer however, for me, these work along side a very healthy diet.
The kit includes : Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey, Nutribuddy Hunger Fix Capsules, Nutribuddy Multivitamins, a Nutribuddy Shake Shaker and a Recipe Guide Book to help you along your way. 
Lets go through each one and I'll let you know my thoughts too.
In the morning their recipe book suggests Porridge Oats, Muesli, Yogurts and Scrambled Eggs as examples of breakfast, so I've been sticking with porridge, as I love it, plus its easy and quick to do. With my breakfast I have One Nutribuddy Multivitamin Capsule as these have everything I need for the day.
They include all your vitamins with extras like calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, folic acid and iodine. Which in turn, gives you good skin and helps your immune system fight off those nasty winter colds. They also help with tiredness (which is why I think the morning is the best time to take vitamins) and they can also block some carbs, which is fab for loosing weight and they just keep us healthy in general. So they are well worth taking.
Before your meals, about 15 minutes before eating you can take a Nutribuddy Hunger Fix Capsule. These are basically Glucomannan capsules. Glucomannan comes from the root of the Konjac plant which will make you feel full and snack less...if at all. These must be taken with water or they wont work. I did try these, albeit for just a day, as, I only have a little belly and these capsules made me feel Really full. I didn't feel hungry at all, so I haven't continued with these personally, however, they do work, so if you are a constant snacker or on a full blown got to loose a couple of stones, then these would be perfect for you. These capsules have been clinical tested and are proven to assist in weight loss - alongside a healthy diet !! 
Do not take these capsules and then don't eat all day - this is not the plan and is dangerous. These are to be used responsibly !!
For my lunches, I've been eating a lot of avocados, tomatoes, fruits, sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, feta and cucumber salads and other similar meals. Then later, after a long walk or a You Tube inspired floor exercise video, I'd have a shaker of Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey. I chose the Chocolate shake, as the one thing I really struggle with is Chocolate. I eat it every day, if I don't.....bad things happen and then I think about it all day until I eat some. But this shake has curbed that !! (OK I failed a couple of times at the begining, but I only had a few bits of a bar...ssshhhh). 
Lets just quickly go through what's in the Sculpting Whey. Firstly...obviously, it has whey protein, which is a by product of cheese (protein). This can actually speed up your metabolism, which after a good work out will help you burn fat faster, all whilst keeping you feel fuller for longer. Green Tea , Guarana and Chromium all help burn fat too. So this is the only fat burning shake you'll ever need.
If you haven't got time for lunch or dinner, for some crazy reason, then a shake will keep you going. However, I can not stress enough that this should be taken alongside a healthy diet. Do not use this shake to replace all of your meals, once a day is plenty, but I recommend you eat foods instead. You must eat healthily to fuel your body to keep the metabolism up so that you can loose the weight quicker. 
I have used the Nutribuddy Shaker with this mix and also my SmartShaker. Very simply, put 30g into your shaker (scoop included) add milk, or water, or half and half and put the lid on securely and Shake !! Its so easy and quick. The more you shake, the smoother the drink is. 
The Nutribuddy Shaker works really well, so you don't need to buy one, as one is included in the set. Or alternatively you can buy it online if you prefer to just get the Sculpting Whey. Its easy to clean the it can also go in the microwave too. However, if you don't mind extra washing up and you are drinking this at home every day, then a blender or kitchen aid works wonders. I like to add a frozen banana and make it into a extra healthy snack. Its so smooth from a blender, its like a milkshake you would get from those nasty fast food places. It is absolutely delicious. This is one shake that I have really.....really enjoyed drinking. I'd have one and then later, I'd find myself keeping looking at the packet, thinking.....mmmmmm, can I have another one yet???? It is seriously that good !!!
This was a lunch time for me. I decided to colour co-ordinate !! I love a good persimmon. 

In the evenings, when I'm craving a chocolate fix (not every night, but most nights) I've actually had a shake to curb my hunger snacky craves. I've even used the shake mix to make myself a hot chocolate. They have a recipe in their book, however, I think half boiling water, mixed with half milk or just boiling water, is absolutely fine. There is no need to add anything to it, and its perfect these cold winter nights. 
I would highly recommend Nutribuddy. I'm not just saying because it tastes amazing, but also because professionals use it on a daily basis just to be extra healthy, its a great substitute to any of those nasty snacks, or bars that are actually full of sugar - you just don't know it. It has helped me to stop snacking, so I now know exactly what I've eaten, and if its effected me or not. I haven't felt all bloated and uncomfortable, I'm just comfortably full. I haven't suffered from any real hunger pains that I used to get - even if I shouldn't, and if I do have that feeling at 11.30pm, I'll just have a shake. Done !!

I've been using the Sculpting Whey and Multivitamins for two weeks. I started at 8stone 6lbs, and today I am 8stone 2lbs. My goal is to get to 8 stone exactly. So, I am going to continue to do a weight loss diet and then I can then just maintain a healthy diet and keep working out and toning up. 
Before any of you say - my goodness, you don't weigh anything anyway, why are you trying to loose weight (I hear this A LOT) I am only 4.11ft (although I generally round it up to 5ft!!) and having a few extra pounds on a short person, can make you feel fat especially when you sit down and it all meets up in the middle. 
Along with the weight loss, I also feel less bloated and less heavy. It has also motivated me to workout more, and I feel great afterwards. 

Have a look at Nutribuddy's WEBSITE and get your orders in. 

This Weight Loss Starter Kit is £70.00 and in theory it should last you a month to 6 weeks. You can buy them all separately too. So you have a choice. I personally will be buying the Sculpting Whey when I run out as its an absolute joy to drink. Nutribuddy also have a loyalty points system, so the more you buy, the more points you get which will go towards your future buys.  
Keep in the know on their Twitter and Instagram accounts too!!  

This is suitable for Vegetarians. 

*I was sent the Set to review and I'm so glad I was chosen. Thank you Nutribuddy !!

We’re going Vegan!
As Nutribuddy has developed over time, we naturally started to head in a more ethical direction. It felt right. Every product we launched after the Sculpting Whey Protein was naturally vegan. We also started attracting many vegan customers. It wasn’t just that we wanted to accommodate for vegan customers but we actually felt passionate about the move to launch more vegan products. Changing to completely vegan is something we really felt passionate about doing. It lines up with our brand values and means that all our products are suitable for everyone! As a new start-up company, we needed time to find out what was right for us. 2 years on I can happily say we have found the right route and that involves being a vegan brand. Our customers and team are a mix of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The one thing we all share in common is caring about the food we eat and the environmental impact of food and packaging.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Banana & Oat Cookies - Clean Eating

With my slight change of diet, I started to miss my biscuits and chocolate, and I was wondering what I could do to curb those cravings. I was thinking of what alternatives I could use in the recipes, and then whilst scrolling Facebook, I saw a recipe that apparently has been around for years and years. It's so simple I had to try it.
Very simply Banana and Oats and that's it! No sugar, no flour.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year New Me

New year , new me ..... Yes, I am trying, but, I don't really need a new me, just the old me would be great. Pre kids I was always really slim with a great toned bum, but, then I got a job where it meant sitting on your butt all day.... This was not good. I was always used to walking around for half the day at work. So I gradually put weight on, then I fell pregnant and then a fat person came out that I had never met before and being 5ft and a size 12 is not good. After pregnancy I took my time loosing the weight, then I got back to almost super slim me and then fell pregnant again. So this time, I was more conscious of weight gain, as I knew I'd have to loose it again. Then at 8 months pregnant, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with a couple of friends, one being the bride to be, and she bought me a size 10 bridesmaid dress and said, that I'd be able to get in it easily, I had 7 months until the wedding after all.....well......I felt very much under pressure and had the motivation to make sure I could get in the dress. Women that have never had a baby just don't get it.....for some the weight literally just falls off, for others it can take years.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Has anyone tried Skinade ?
I was given the 10 day travel pack and, I have to say, that I couldn't finish the course. I know there is a saying of No Pain No Gain, but, there is No saying about drinking bad tasting drinks to make you look younger.  This is like medicine, mixed with the worst artificial tasting orange squash. It actually made me shudder every time I drank it. I think I got through five sachets.

Carita Beauty Products

I keep hearing about a beauty brand called Carita. It's not a new brand, its just new to me.
The Carita Sisters, Rosy and Maria who were born in Spain and moved to France, Toulouse during WW1, started their journey in 1945 as they wished to create the best anti-ageing products. They started off being extremely successful hairdressers who opened their own salon aged just 18, which the whole family worked in. They had pure natural skills and learnt all about the beauty trade so by 1956 they even had their own beauty school and started focussing on beauty products and accessories like Wigs. They enjoyed clients that were very high class, royalty, politicians, actresses and the incredibly wealthy. By 1960 their first facial cream was described as ' a pearl of youth '. In 1967 they started the men's beauty club, where the likes of Yves Saint Laurent would go, along with many others.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

My New Blog Header by Aloha Lola Cards

It's a new year and I really wanted to improve my blog....again. I've had my blog for over a year now and when I started, it was all very new and I was learning how to use blogger. So many people said how easy it is ....blah blah....but if you've never designed a website or used a computer in years its all very daunting. I had to ask for help to redesign the blog the way I wanted, so I've already had help in that, but I wasn't really happy with my previous header that they designed. I wanted something more...something more eye catching and that actually symbolised what I do, however, I'm on a budget and was scared about what people would charge, seeing as I've already paid someone to sort out bits of my blog, I thought, I'd wait.

Middletons Steakhouse & Grill - Watford

Watford is in the midst of a huge redesign. Over the past couple of years, restaurants have been popping up all over the high street, in the wake of the shopping mall Intu Watford being transformed into a huge shopping, cinema complex like many other towns have.
A new restaurant is Middletons Steak House & Grill.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cream's - Watford

For out last treat of the year 2015, I took a friend to Creams in Watford High Street with our kids. It only opened late in the year, so its still a new establishment within Watford Town. Ice Cream parlours are not somewhere I go regularly at all, so to be fair, I can't really compare it to anywhere. However, we got there just after midday and it was pretty much empty. Which for us is perfect as then the kids can do as they please and I wasn't pressured to keep them sitting down. On a Friday night, this place is absolutely packed with teens so we hear, and I can see why!!