Renna's Discoveries: Banana & Oat Cookies - Clean Eating

Monday, January 18, 2016

Banana & Oat Cookies - Clean Eating

With my slight change of diet, I started to miss my biscuits and chocolate, and I was wondering what I could do to curb those cravings. I was thinking of what alternatives I could use in the recipes, and then whilst scrolling Facebook, I saw a recipe that apparently has been around for years and years. It's so simple I had to try it.
Very simply Banana and Oats and that's it! No sugar, no flour.

So, as I had three small very very ripe bananas, it was a perfect recipe. People were commenting how delicious these were and that their grandmothers have been making these for they must be good right ?? 
I mixed the three small bananas along with a Cup of Oats and a healed teaspoon of cinnamon. I used  Provena Gluten Free Oats It mixed really easily with a spoon, so there was no need to get the masher out.

Once mixed, I used a soup spoon to get a scoop, and then placed on a greased tray and made into circles. It's quite a sticky mix so it was easy to do. 

I put a scoop of chocolate spread on two for the kids. 
Cooked them at 185 degrees for roughly ten minutes.....keep your eye on them.
And.....dadahhhh.....super clean biscuits. 
Well...actually they taste like a uncooked cake mix, or uncooked flapjack mix, but not as nice. So, I won't say that these are delicious, but they sure did beat my cravings for biscuits! This little recipe needs a bit of work, as I'm wondering if I used less banana they may have been better and possibly less gooey.
Next time I do these, I'm going to add dark chocolate chips, or a nut paste to give them a better taste.
I do have to say that if you ruin them completely with the chocolate spread.....they taste really good! 
What clean eating recipes do you have to share, leave your links in the comments section.