Renna's Discoveries: Carita Beauty Products

Monday, January 11, 2016

Carita Beauty Products

I keep hearing about a beauty brand called Carita. It's not a new brand, its just new to me.
The Carita Sisters, Rosy and Maria who were born in Spain and moved to France, Toulouse during WW1, started their journey in 1945 as they wished to create the best anti-ageing products. They started off being extremely successful hairdressers who opened their own salon aged just 18, which the whole family worked in. They had pure natural skills and learnt all about the beauty trade so by 1956 they even had their own beauty school and started focussing on beauty products and accessories like Wigs. They enjoyed clients that were very high class, royalty, politicians, actresses and the incredibly wealthy. By 1960 their first facial cream was described as ' a pearl of youth '. In 1967 they started the men's beauty club, where the likes of Yves Saint Laurent would go, along with many others.

Their love for products grew and by 1976 they had a whole floor full of their own products many which were anti-ageing and proving very popular and successful. Their nephew Christophe had been training with them and was a part of the company for 16 years before the sisters died (Three years apart of each other) in 1978 so, he then took over the running of the company and it became a very exclusive brand. Although Christophe died in 1991, it is still going from strength to strength. The Caritas sisters hair salon is still going to this day. People have said that the Carita Sisters were the first to appreciate the woman's face and how to keep it looking young and fresh. They recommended what to use of the skin to keep it plump and styled the most high class women from hair to clothing.
Their creams are still very exclusive . In the gift box below the Trio of Gold Perfect Cream (second from the left) is priced at £235.00 online for 50ml however in one of their gift boxes you can purchase the Gold collection for the same price. With these prices, this is fantastic value. The most expensive cream they have online is the Diamond of Beauty for £430.00 for 50ml.
So you can see this brand is not your ordinary high street brand, this is top quality high end exclusive products. The packaging is absolutely stunning, so it is now becoming very popular in 5 star Hotel Spas Worldwide. A majority of the products are between £25-£95 each, so of course there is something for all. Carita have their own branded spa treatments and it is all anti-ageing based. What they call an alternative to cosmetic surgery. The aim is to rejuvenate the skin and bring back the radiance of younger looking skin. They clearly know what they are doing, as they have been incredibly successful.
You can of course buy a few products at a special discounted price through Amazon.Com
For now, Carita will stay on my Wish List, but I wondered if any of you have tried Carita before and what your verdicts were.