Renna's Discoveries: My New Blog Header by Aloha Lola Cards

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

My New Blog Header by Aloha Lola Cards

It's a new year and I really wanted to improve my blog....again. I've had my blog for over a year now and when I started, it was all very new and I was learning how to use blogger. So many people said how easy it is ....blah blah....but if you've never designed a website or used a computer in years its all very daunting. I had to ask for help to redesign the blog the way I wanted, so I've already had help in that, but I wasn't really happy with my previous header that they designed. I wanted something more...something more eye catching and that actually symbolised what I do, however, I'm on a budget and was scared about what people would charge, seeing as I've already paid someone to sort out bits of my blog, I thought, I'd wait.

However, I was looking around Twitter, as I do daily several times a day (its very addictive you know!!) and I saw a cute picture of a girl made into a caricature, and then I realised it was actually her blog header. Instantly I loved the idea, so I looked into who did it for her. Up came Aloha Lola Cards. So I clicked and saw a few other card designs and other Blog Headers that she had done. Claire Williams owns her little Etsy Shop where she designs personalised cards for people. She has just started, so her portfolio is still very small, but I instantly fell in love and contacted her immediately. I thought I could get my best friends a personalised birthday card each, as I think they are really fun. I wrote and said how much I loved her Headers too, so she offered to do one for me as she was trying out different things. Of course I said Yes, I love her designs, so, I took the risk.
Claire sent one design, which needed improving, and then she sent another completely different one and I looked at it.....and just said......Wow I love love love it!!!! Then she wrote back and said that she was going to add to it, and at this point, I was scared as I thought it may be too much or I may not like it after she's played around with it, and I didn't want to mess her around. However, you know what, I don't know anything about designing headers, Claires obviously researched into what she thinks will work, so I said....OK Go For It. It was one of the best risks I've taken this year. I really do love my new Blog Header. Of course every single design Claire does is bespoke and unique.
I asked for flowers, and my blog colours of purple and cream, and Claire did all the rest. Dadah.....

Here's a quick glimpse into her caricatures pictures. I haven't received the cards as yet, and this is the first draft of her design for my cards. She's still to add pretty things around the outside, but, I've trusted her and said Surprise Me.
What do you think??? Cute hey.
I sent her a few pictures and then decided that if she does one design for my three cards, then we all get one each. I was supposed to surprise my friends....but I just had to share it with them, and they were both really surprised and both discussed how to make it larger to go on a canvas for their walls..... Well Claire !!! You best get into the Canvas Printing Too !!!

If you like fun, beautiful designs like me, check out Claires Etsy Store at
and follow her on Twitter to see more designs on Aloha Lola Cards

At the moment - January 2016 - she is doing a limited amount of Blog Headers for only £12.00 !!!! So get in there quick for something different. Obviously Blog Headers can also be used on your Facebook & Twitter Headers as well as Blogs. So you don't need a blog to have your own bespoke header. These Headers are digitally sent to you, so wherever you are in the world, she can still do something for you. Pay by paypal or credit card online her Etsy Store.
Her Cards are from £3.50 each at the moment too, so......get them quick.
Claire is so lovely and really gets to understand you so you know it will be perfect.
What do you think ?