Renna's Discoveries: New Year New Me

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year New Me

New year , new me ..... Yes, I am trying, but, I don't really need a new me, just the old me would be great. Pre kids I was always really slim with a great toned bum, but, then I got a job where it meant sitting on your butt all day.... This was not good. I was always used to walking around for half the day at work. So I gradually put weight on, then I fell pregnant and then a fat person came out that I had never met before and being 5ft and a size 12 is not good. After pregnancy I took my time loosing the weight, then I got back to almost super slim me and then fell pregnant again. So this time, I was more conscious of weight gain, as I knew I'd have to loose it again. Then at 8 months pregnant, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with a couple of friends, one being the bride to be, and she bought me a size 10 bridesmaid dress and said, that I'd be able to get in it easily, I had 7 months until the wedding after all.....well......I felt very much under pressure and had the motivation to make sure I could get in the dress. Women that have never had a baby just don't get it.....for some the weight literally just falls off, for others it can take years.

This time around in pregnancy there were a few complications and I had excess water so my belly got larger than it should and my skin stretched too much. So my first mission was to loose the weight. I tried slim fast, didn't really get on with it, and I felt hungry all the time. Then I tried the Dukan Diet which is a French way of eating. No fruit or veg for two weeks and just eating protein and fat free dairy, and then the diet added in fruit and vegetables over time, and then rice and pasta was introduced again. This is not something nutritionally I would recommend, but, it worked! but I didn't really enjoy doing it, I don't like using artificial foods, like sweetners etc, and I had the most awful dreams of cinnamon swirls dancing and teasing me. However, I finally got into the dress. I felt a huge achievement when the zip finally did go all the way up. Phew, I did it.

I'm not really a gym freak, I have been in the past, but, I actually find it boring. I prefer to do floor work and lots of walking. I've always loved walking, it's something that you can do anytime, anywhere. Just walk out the house....and walk. It's so easy, and there's no excuse for not walking. Having kids meant we were out and about as much as possible, so walking came naturally. We also like to dance, so the kitchen becomes a disco quite often. Floor work that I do on my own include sit ups, of different kinds, leg exercises and bum clenches.... So I think I do a reasonable amount of exercise, I just make it into anything, it's a normal thing to do. I don't think I could ever be someone that goes to the gym on a regular basis....firstly, I didn't actually have the time, and now when the kids are at school, cleaning the house and lugging washing around the house, changing beds and walking the dogs is all exercise its just unofficial exercise.

So now I'm almost completely happy with myself. I'm a size 10 normally, sometimes I can get into a size 8. My only real hang up is I need to tone. Easiest way to tone is to exercise more. Uugghhh. So, now I just walk incredibly fast when walking the dogs and I will dance my way around the house. I do more floor work as my main areas is my bum and stomach. I'd like them to look how they used to.
So, this is the mission of the year, to try and get the flat toned belly that I love and a tight bum. I'm not going to worry about other parts, as....they are OK for now.

Wish me luck as I have a small amount of excess skin to shift too. If anyone has any tips, or exercise tips, please do leave them in the comments sections so we can all learn from them. Thanks.

Do you have any body goals this year, or are you happy as you are?