Renna's Discoveries: What Have I Been Eating ? With The Help of Nutribuddy

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Have I Been Eating ? With The Help of Nutribuddy

So I've been eating more healthier and cutting out (trying to) any unhealthy snacks. I thought I'd give you an insight in what I have been eating.
I have had some help from Nutribuddy to help me from snacking, but to prove that I have actually been eating as well as loosing weight, here you are....
Breakfast Examples: Mainly Porridge, Linseed and Fruit

Lunch and Snacks: Any Dinner Left Overs, Scrambled Eggs, Salads, Avocado with anything, Nutribuddy for after Workout Snack.

Dinners: Plain Fish or Meat, Simple Pasta dishes, Avocado, Sweet Potaoes and Salads.

These types of dinners I enjoy and they don't make me feel bloated. They are very simple, inexpensive and very quick to do too. Bonus is that the kids will eat some of these.

Tonight, we're having Chicken, but I haven't decided with what as yet...possibly sweet potato.

What dinners can you recommend, leave any links in the comments to share.

We’re going Vegan!
As Nutribuddy has developed over time, we naturally started to head in a more ethical direction. It felt right. Every product we launched after the Sculpting Whey Protein was naturally vegan. We also started attracting many vegan customers. It wasn’t just that we wanted to accommodate for vegan customers but we actually felt passionate about the move to launch more vegan products. Changing to completely vegan is something we really felt passionate about doing. It lines up with our brand values and means that all our products are suitable for everyone! As a new start-up company, we needed time to find out what was right for us. 2 years on I can happily say we have found the right route and that involves being a vegan brand. Our customers and team are a mix of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The one thing we all share in common is caring about the food we eat and the environmental impact of food and packaging.