Renna's Discoveries: BikyBiky UK - Cycling without Stabilisers made Safe & Easy

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

BikyBiky UK - Cycling without Stabilisers made Safe & Easy

Teaching the kids how to ride a bike can be quite a difficult or a back breaking task. I taught my eldest by holding on for dear life and either helping her hold the handle bars or hold the seat or just by holding onto her. Going down a hill is always fun, however, it really hurt my back bending over at funny angles.
My son has used, very successfully a Balance Bike, which has been amazing. He actually got really fast on it, but, there are no peddles...obviously as it's just for balance. So when we got him his first proper bike at 4 years old, he felt nervous on it and said the peddles got in the way.....well.....we have tried and tried, and eventually he started to like the peddles...woohoo! Now starts the mission of balancing and peddles at the same time. After holding on and hurting my back we started to get somewhere again.  He's quite confident riding on the grass, as if he falls, it doesn't hurt as much as the pavement. So, when I saw BikyBiky and their amazing Strap on Vest, I jumped at the chance to try it!

BikyBiky call it Cycling Without Stabilisers made Safe & Easy. It comes on a huge cardboard hanger with full instructions and a certificate to sign once the kids have learnt to ride.
It has a huge velcro fastening at the front and then also clicks into place at the side. The back has a handle for us parents to hold onto. Genuis idea !!! Why have we had to wait so long for this? Every parents needs one!!
They come in Blue, Pink, Green and Purple and are priced from £22.00. The vests are gently padded, so great for extra falls and for comfort. It is safety tested for up to 7 stones, so, even the big kids can use it. My daughter is 7 at present and we used it on her to practice her on the Roller Skates, and this was loads of fun, and again, very easy to use. Here are some photos to show you how we used it. As you can see, I'm standing up !!! OK, at first, I was holding onto the handle for dear life and then realised after a while, I just had to hold it gently. He couldn't actually feel me holding the vest, which I loved and gave him more confidence. 
We just went for it...he did so well. We were both amazed. He kept asking me...."Have you let go yet?" and I kept saying "No, not yet". He had a few wobbles, but the handle makes it so easy to keep him up right. So he was happy just cycling along, and then I let go....... without telling him !!!
Dadahhhhhh.........He did It !!!

Wow !!! We were so impressed. Obviously, this didn't happen straight away, we were riding for about 20 minutes before I let go. However, because I was standing next to him, just letting him ride himself he had the confidence to just go for it. My back had NO PAIN, and we actually had a really fun time. 
These are predominately for bikes, but can be used for other sports and activities too. We tried the roller skates and I've seen pictures of kids ski-ing...what a great idea.  
I really do recommend these. Have a look at their website HERE and they are also on Twitter and Facebook. Great for your own kids and great for gifts. 

Please Note - A Helmet should Always been worn, and No children should go off riding without being supervised. We live on a very quiet Cul-de-Sac which is why we were on the road. 

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