Renna's Discoveries: Blogger Beauty Box - January

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blogger Beauty Box - January

Here is January's Blogger Beauty Box. I decided to get a beauty box every other month if I can. Its only £10 per box including delivery and its for Bloggers Only. You will need to register your details and your blog to apply. I've previously received the November Box which I thought was fab, which obviously encouraged me to get another box.
Here is my post about the November Blogger Beauty Box HERE

Januarys box arrived and I was very impressed.
1: MooGoo How Now Brown Cow - Gradual Tanning Full Cream for the Face & Body.
This is an Australian Brand and states it is not tested on animals. Which made me laugh, as actually the brand came from designing cream for cows udders. It is full of natural ingredients which help keep the skin beautiful and soft. They have a huge range of products from moisturisers to lip balms to anti-ageing. Most of their products helps with problem skin conditions and they have a range especially for babies too. The packaging is fun and looks like a milk carton. I cant wait to try this self tanning cream. I'll wait a few more weeks, as its so cold at the moment, I'm completely covered up, but I'll let you know how I get on with it when I start using it. This is priced at £15.50 on their website. 

 2. Anubis Red Fruit Cream. This is antioxidant facial cream with red fruits. This is a Spanish brand and all the products are made in Barcelona. It is sold worldwide and the easiest way to buy it is online from their website. It has many many products, most of which you wouldn't have a clue what it does apart from keep your skin looking young. Many of them has names such as Caviar and Pearl Cream, Tenso Gold, Bi-Gel, Q10 Active Aloe Vera and Q10 Retinol Cream....This sounds more an Spa Product to me. I've seen Anubis somewhere, as I've heard of the brand, but trying to find information about this particular cream has proven tricky. So it must be quite exclusive. I like the packaging of the products, quite clean cut. I have to say, that I liked this cream. It's quite a thick cream and when its on the skin, it feels really smooth and it smells nice too.
 3. I love .... Its everywhere and its amazing. Whilst looking online, they have a new fragrance coming out with Peach and Passion fruit - I'd love to try this. Infact I'd be happy to have any of their products. They are fun great products, I think the packaging is great and really does look fab all together with all of their amazing colours. It is sold everywhere, however easiest places are Superdrug and Boots. They have amazing gift sets and all for a really great price. These beauties are going to go by my bath for us all to use.
 4. MUA - Makeup Academy Intense Colour Lip Liner in Red Drama
MUA do amazing makeup. Its great value and fun. This Lip Liner is just £1.00 and it even has its own sharpener in the lid !! Funky hey. Its a really soft liner and glides on easily, and it really is Red !! I would like to try more of their products. They are currently exclusively sold in Superdrug stores. Have a look at their website for the rest of their products.