Renna's Discoveries: Fentimans are launching Sparkling Lime & Jasmine Drink

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fentimans are launching Sparkling Lime & Jasmine Drink

When companies start bringing out more lime flavoured drinks, I automatically think of the summer. Its perfect to have an ice cold refreshing drink whilst sitting out in the sun. It is absolute bliss and something I look forward to instead of holding Hot Chocolate, Tea or Mulled wine when you are out in the cold for winter events.
Fentimans have just launched a new drink this month called : Sparkling Lime & Jasmine
It is a very exciting launch, as its the first since 2013. Its official launch date is the 1st March, however, cases of 12 x 275ml bottles can be ordered now direct with Fentimans.
Fentimans have been brewing and creating drinks for over 100 years and they have the best alternative to any alcoholic drinks as well as brewing their own versions of Gin & Tonic. They only ever use natural ingredients and all the drinks are botanically brewed. Which means that all the flavours are put together and then they are left for 7 days for all the flavours to infuse together. Here are a few of Fentimans Drinks that you may recognise. I believe the Ginger Beer was one of the first drinks they produced.

I have tasted Fentimans in the past and have possibly tried all of their soft drinks at different occasions. You can find them in so many shops. For me, I've mainly seen them in coffee shops and deli's, as well, as some supermarkets and pubs.
Their new drink Sparkling Lime & Jasmine has been produced purely as an alternative to alcoholic drinks. Now, I do have to say, when I tasted this for the very first time, I was convinced there must be some kind of hidden alcohol included. However, the flavours are so intense purely because of the botanical brewing. This is not for kids !! This has got body and depth !!
Fentimans Tasting Notes say: The initial refreshing bitterness on the tongue is quickly balanced by the botanical sweetness of Hyssop, Lime Flower and Juniper Berries to leave a clean, dry citrus note.

My initial tastes were....really refreshing light jasmine start to then a massive whoosh of lime. I swear, it tastes just like a strong Mojito, or a Gin and Lime. It is super citrusy and the juniper berries give it that Gin flavour.

I have had a few people taste this with me, with mixed reactions. The Gin lovers love it, and the Gin haters really didn't like it. A lot of my friends drink Gin & Tonics and they all loved it. As the drink reminded them of it. They couldn't decide whether it reminded them of Tonic and Lime, or Gin and Tonic.
I love the bottles, you always know they are a Fentimans product. The label is great and it looks very smart on a shelf.

I would definitely recommend this drink, if you can't or won't drink alcoholic drinks, this is the one for you. This is as close as you would get to an alcoholic beverage. 

Have a look at their website where you offer cocktail recipes and show you all of their wonderful drinks. My favourite is still the Rose Lemonade...its a classic and just screams Fentimans to me.
Do you have a favourite Fentimans??

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