Renna's Discoveries: The Smurfs Baby Slumber Nightlight

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Smurfs Baby Slumber Nightlight

Smurfs...who doesn't love The Smurfs. I grew up watching them and thought they were brilliant. Then the brought the films out to give The Smurfs a reboost and the kids loved them all over again. 
I was asked if I would review a Baby Slumber Nightlight, so of course, I jumped at the chance as they look super cool, and any kid will love it. My youngest is 4 and I knew he would love him, plus he still doesn''t like the dark, and we always have to have the hallway light on (until he is fast asleep) and then it gets turned off. 
He is packaged nice and snug in a open box, however, if you order him online, he will come with plastic wrapping to protect him. He is super cute and I have to say, I fell in love with him when I saw him. I knew the kids would love him too. Hes approx 30 cm tall and can spread upto 30 cm wide. 
Lovely, isn't he??
This is him, with his night light on. This turns on really easily, so if the light turns off, a small child would be able to turn it back on with ease. Just a quick light push and that's it. 
He has a loop on his head so you can hang it if you prefer, as he plays a lovely lullaby for upto 15 minutes, so he could be hooked on the wall very easily. You can also take out the light and wash the Smurf with ease. This is a great attribute, as my first thought was ....oh no, he's going to get so dirty with the kids holding him. 
 He is really soft to the touch and grab-able. His hands, feet, nose and hat bobble are all fine for chewing on (if you a kids that chews or sucks everything)  and squeezing. So, its more than just a light. He sings and comforts all the same time. 
My kids are really enjoying cuddly up to him. He is the perfect size. 
His functions are:
Press 1 x = Light
Press 2 x = Light & Music
Press 3 x = Music
Press 4 x = Off. 
Light stays on for 30 minutes and the music is 15 minutes. 

He's a great size for kids of any age. He would make the perfect gift for any child. 

This has been produced exclusively by Ansmann who are experts in batteries, rechargeable batteries and night lights and torches. This Smurf is part of their Smurf Range. Have a look on Amazon HERE