Renna's Discoveries: Toy Fair 2016

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Toy Fair 2016

I recently went to the London's Toy Fair last week with a friend of mine Lucy from London Bird Lucy and I thought I would quickly show you what is coming up in the stores this year and some of my favourite items. After having way too many toys in the house, I am now quite fussy with what my kids get, and whether it has value for play. As we know kids can have very short attention spans, so the toy choice is very important.
Character Toys: I could have stayed at their stall for ages just playing....they have loads of different TV characters, like Teletubbies, Ben and Holly, The Zelfs, Fireman Sam, Scooby Doo, Peppa Pig, Teksta, and Many More so there was loads to see.
Now my absolute favourite was the Pom Pom Wow. This is launching this summer, and I am super excited. It is basically a plastic tube which holds a pom pom inside, when you attach a sticky pad to one end of the tube and then stick it onto something flat, you pull the plastic tube and you're left with a mini pom pom....these can then cover anything and everything and be made into the most wonderful creations.
You can buy a kit that you can use to colour the pom pom or add glitter to them. This is something I would have loved as a kid, and probably would have literally covered a whole wall with them. I'm visualizing Pom Pom Parties in the summer for birthdays and just when the girls get together. I can not wait for this. Roll on Summer!!

See there You Tube Video for Further Ideas.

Stretch Armstrong, took me back. This has been going for 40 years and is back with a bang !! He stretches to 4 times his size and he's looking good !!!
(this is also a great stress reliever for the parents ....just saying...)

Teksta is back !! With Much better toys. These robots are finally interactive by voice and not by strokes and pushing buttons etc.
The Talkative Teksta Toucan is amazing, and I would like one in Every single room in my house. He is ultra intelligent, as if you get the App that goes with him, he is not just a toy but he can tell if there's an intruder in the room. So no more sibling fights when they sneak into each others rooms, or when the kids are sneaking around the house at night time. Its brilliant !!! OK its not just for that , but he is super fun too. He tells jokes, does impressions, sings songs and also just acts like a normal toucan. He works via Bluetooth too so that's nice and easy. He is being launched in July 2016, and I know for a fact that this is every teenagers dream. This is the toy to get!!!!

So Character toys are bringing Food into the toys. This is so up my street, so I had a good look at the new up and comings (but sadly didn't take many photos as I was too intrigued and forgot...)
So they have the Chillfactor slushy maker, where you put liquid into a frozen cup and shake....and that's it, slushy is made. There are going to be many new character slushy cups so there will be something for everyone.
They also have a Ice Cream tray, where you pour a mixture over the Magic Frozen Tray and it turns into instant ice cream. brilliant hey!! this is going to be so popular and great for the summer.
Then my last favourite was the Banana Surprise. You attach the banana into the banana holder, and then push through the tube to then it make a hollow inside. This is then filled with whatever the kids fancy squeezing into it. Chocolate spread is obviously going to be the first choice and then honey and cream. It makes it fun, and I have to say, I actually wouldn't mind one of these in the kitchen for myself.
We saw so many fab new toys, it was actually quite overwhelming and one day is not enough to see all of the toys and talk to everyone.
Xootz had their new array of all their new wheely toys. Scooters, Go-Carts, Skate boards, all made into fabulous quality toys that will last.

So many cuddly toys everywhere....I love love love cuddly toys, always have and probably always will. Way before Toy Story, I did actually believe that my toys would come alive at night time and have parties whilst I was sleeping, so they were never thrown into a box (because they couldn't breath) they were always displayed in such a way where they could get out easily. And yes...I still have loads of mine. Some of the cuddly toys in my house are over 30 years old and a lot have sentimental reasons for keeping. (Like my GCSE Mascot - Barney) I have loads. Hundreds have gone to the charity shop over the years, and each time, my heart broke. So I'm not allowed to buy any, any more. The kids get new ones very rarely, as they now have way too many too. But I LOVE THEM ALL and would have them all if I had somewhere to put them.
Snoopy is back with the gang, and they are fab.
LAQ - Innovative & Creative: This is a very new company they were launching at The Toy Fair. I really liked this idea. It is basically small flat pieces of plastic that come in just 7 shapes and can be made into so many creative name it, it can be built. Some of the pieces are very small, so this is definitely for the over 8's I would say. When you put it together they all 'snap' into place so its nice and secure and also the kids feel as if they've actually done something when they hear the noise. Myself and my son made a car that was gifted to us, and I thought it was a genius idea. I would recommend this for the very creative. 

So, we also have the scientists toys and the animal toys. One that I have seen a few times, but have never used, is the Insect Lore Butterfly World. In the pack you get a net and  and you can send off for Caterpillar eggs, which you then look after and watch them grow into butterflies. I personally would love this, and I would do loads of them. This is not for young kids to use unattended, they are ALIVE, they are not toys. I know both of mine have done this at school in Nursery and then they all have a butterfly release ceremony. Its really cute and great to teach the kids the life-cycle of the butterfly. 
We saw many games that I can't wait to be launched. Many games that we saw are still prototypes, so they wont be in the markets until very late 2016 or 2017. So, we'll tell you more soon. But they are educational and fun and will definitely keep the kids entertained for ages.

My last favourite toy is the Magformers sets. These are such fun and one for the very creative. They are different shapes that are all magnetic and you just stick them together. But they can be made into...almost anything. They have sets of 16 pieces to 400 pieces. They all have instructions and you can build a box, to a house, to a bunny, to a plane, to a dinosaur, the possibilities are endless. I would love my kids to have some of these. These are going to huge by get ready !!

I am looking forward to the next Toy Fair already and I think this summer is going to be a massive boom to the toy industry. Thank you to Lucy for taking me along. Lets do it again soon.

See you next year !!