Renna's Discoveries: Weekend Arts & Craft Box for the Kids

Monday, February 08, 2016

Weekend Arts & Craft Box for the Kids

Its been raining a lot lately and its also been bitterly cold, which unfortunately means staying in a bit more. So this is where arts and crafts comes in handy. Some parents struggle to find the right crafts for the kids and end up throwing a load of colouring books at the kids. I'm pretty crafty, and I can come up with ideas. Normally by looking in our craft draws and see what we can make out of them. Some people don't have a craft draw or cupboard or have no idea what to do. This is where the Weekend Box comes in handy. Its a box of activities that you can spread over the weekend, or you can have them for a weekend away or at Grandmas house or similar. It does all the thinking for you, and the kids actually really enjoy it.
Some research has been done to find out how parents feel about arts and crafts and time spent with their children. The results are in !!
The box arrives intact and once you've opened it, it has crafty surprises and facts sheets, along with instructions how to do the crafts. It has fun characters too, which the kids will love. 
What's inside the box ? 
So this weeks box is all about the rainforest, so they have bird mask to make and a mini rainforest. 
In the bags were the smaller items, like crayons, string and soil etc. I liked this idea as it saves things from shaking around in the box.
You can see the instructions are very clear and it really does have everything you need. The only thing we needed to add were scissors. 

So once we had read everything together and gone through each activity. My seven year old daughter starting making the mask. She did everything herself !!

All finished. It didn't take her very long, maybe 20 minutes at the most. We had to change the eye holes, as they were too wide apart for her face, but on the whole, I was impressed by how easy it was for her. 

She then gave herself a sticker to say she had completed the task. 
The next task was building a mini rainforest, which I had to help quite a lot, but this meant we worked together on it. I only had one problem with this task, and that was I chose a bottle that was too big, but...being a super mum, we had a smaller bottle on call just in case. So we doubled the time and effort on this one, but we got there in the end. We had to cut the bottle in half and then I had to pierce a hole through the bottle lid. Then after this , she finished it off herself. 
The soil needed to soak to let it expand. I love these little soil discs, they are fab for the kids to use. 

We did fine up until this point, and then I decided the cut the bottom half of the bottle smaller, and then I messed it up. We laughed so much, because we were on a proper roll at this point. Never fear...we started again. 
I had a smaller bottle and then my daughter completed the task on her own, as she told me to just let her do it !! 

Here they are....the finished products. Cool hey??

Update for You:

If you need help with arts and crafts for the kids, then this is the box for you. 
You join up and start a subscription, it really is as easy as that. Have a look at the website and join up.

If you want to trial the subscription, you can get a free box by entering this code: LOVEWEEKENDS 
Boxes start from £4.95 each including delivery. 
If you don't want to do it monthly, you can order the boxes as and when you please. Fab hey !!!??