Renna's Discoveries: What Have I Been Eating ? - Second Instalment with more Nutribuddy Help

Monday, February 08, 2016

What Have I Been Eating ? - Second Instalment with more Nutribuddy Help

Continuing on from my Healthy Eating and my NutriBuddy journey, I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on. In truth....not too bad actually. I've had a few slip ups and treats, but on the whole, I think I've been doing well. I've certainly cut down on the chocolates , and just generally really watching what I eat and portion control. Obviously I am exercising more - I really do need to do more I think, so I'm going to make myself get on the exercise bike every day for at least ten minutes as well as my floor workouts and my almost daily walk. 
My breakfasts still consist of porridge of some description. Its easy to do, and I use the sachets and then add linseed, fruit, or a scoop of whey protein to it. I'm using a mixture of Cows Milk and Almond Milk when I need milk as the almond milk has very little calories. 

 I've had a few treats, but I tried to counteract them on extra healthy eating afterwards. But, treats are needed and keep you happy. I've dieted before and it can get very depressing not being able to treat yourself. Plus it just means you have to exercise more, and hey, that's fine. I had my yearly Chai Latte at Costas whilst out with a friend. My goodness....its delicious !!!
 So, with this in mind, 
I've discovered a healthy Hot Chocolate for the really cold evenings and when I fancy an evening snack. I'll just mix a small amount of milk with Nutribuddy Mix and then add hot water. This has certainly stopped me from eating chocolates in the house. 
 My Healthy lunches and dinner have been similar, unless, I replace a heavy lunch with a Nutribuddy Shake and some fruit. 

Lots of salads, salmon, chicken, eggs, avocados and vegetables. I haven't cut out potatoes or bread items, I'm just eating less of them. Pitta bread with hummus makes a great lunch too. 

Another treat I discovered, is a large scoop of Greek Total - No Fat - Yoghurt mixed with 15g of Chocolate Nutribuddy Mix and when this is mixed really well, its a fab snack , and really delicious too !!
Walking the dogs with my Nutribuddy - kept me going. Although I should have done a Hot one, as its so cold out there. 

I recently ordered some more Nutribuddy, as my pack went down quite fast at the end as I was experimenting more with the mix to see what else I could make, and I had a few disasters. Never add Boiling Hot water to curdles big time, others were, I tried making the shakes with different ingredients, or mixing the ingredients, these didn't work for me, and also, if you just use water, dont accidentally pour too much, as its really not nice. 
So as I ordered more, I thought I'd add the Vanilla Sculpting Whey to my order. This way, I can do more filling smoothies with the fruit (My favourites are Banana and Blueberry - these are super healthy for you and you can have for breakfast or lunch). If you use frozen fruit, this tastes so much better. Although, if you want to do smoothies, you will need a proper blender, not a shaker. 
 These were super naughty treats. Sausage and Mash from a restaurant in London, as I was out with the girls, and salads just weren't on the menu, and the Churros from Chiquitos, as I fancied something sweet, and these were shared between the three of us, so actually it wasn't super naughty, tasted fab though.  

Just to congratulate myself, I did actually see a ZERO after my EIGHT last week. I couldn't believe it, I haven't seen this in years, so I was so so happy (possibly why I wanted to treat myself....but hey, I'll get back there) So, my new mission, is to try and keep that ZERO for a while. Obviously being human, our weight goes up and down all the time with what we eat and drink and how our body is retaining or not retaining. So I bounce between pounds, but this is normal, and the weights aren't everything, its how you feel that actually counts. 
Please don't forget that I am only 4.11ft, therefore my weight is low anyway, and in-line for what I should weigh at my height. (For my US readers this is 51kg)
I'm super happy to have lost the bloating feeling, and I'm also happy that I'm being more conscience of what I eat. Otherwise I would quite happily eat pastry after pastry. I've got 5 months until the summer, and I want a lovely toned body by then. So wish me luck !!

If you wish to purchase Nutribuddy, have a look at their website NUTRIBUDDY, they deliver worldwide !!! 

We’re going Vegan!
As Nutribuddy has developed over time, we naturally started to head in a more ethical direction. It felt right. Every product we launched after the Sculpting Whey Protein was naturally vegan. We also started attracting many vegan customers. It wasn’t just that we wanted to accommodate for vegan customers but we actually felt passionate about the move to launch more vegan products. Changing to completely vegan is something we really felt passionate about doing. It lines up with our brand values and means that all our products are suitable for everyone! As a new start-up company, we needed time to find out what was right for us. 2 years on I can happily say we have found the right route and that involves being a vegan brand. Our customers and team are a mix of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The one thing we all share in common is caring about the food we eat and the environmental impact of food and packaging.