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Monday, March 07, 2016

Aura Print - My New Business Cards !!

A Blogger friend of mine kept asking me when I was going to have some business cards made. I never really understood why I needed a business cards and then we went to the Cake and Bake show together and as soon as you tell a brand that you are a blogger, they asked for our details. Now, Lucy, just handed over a business card and I had to write everything down, several times over the day. When I saw how impressed the brands were that Lucy had business cards, I thought....well, I better get some quick !! Then, as fate happens, I saw a request for bloggers to review Aura Print for new business cards. Perfect ! This way, I can at least get the professionals to do it instead of me trying to work out what design I want, what colours what style...I just wanted something easy and quick.

So after I sent them a request, they replied with what they required from me.
Address, Any Artwork or Logos that you would like to keep, Artwork instructions, and choice of core colour.
I wasn't sure what to have at first, then I realised that I have a gorgeous blog header designed by Aloha Lola Cards so I thought that would be perfect, and then all they needed was my email address and blog website address. I chose the Pink Core as it goes with purple and the 800gsm paper. They could have designed something completely new for me, but, I might as well stay with my theme. Other bloggers have had brand new logos designed by Aura Print. You can see these in links below.
In just ONE day, I had my first proof of what I had asked for, and in ONE minute I fell in love. It was perfect. Exactly what I what I wanted.....just didn't know it until I saw it.
This the Front and Back First Proof
Once you have set up an account, they send you details about a loyalty points system which would come in very useful if you are really busy and require cards all the time. The points eventually turn into cash rewards that you can put towards your cards. You can also gain points by leaving reviews and sharing your details with friends and business colleagues.
I received my invoice and for my design and what I had chosen my Grand Total would have been £71.93 (inc Taxes) for 250 cards. This is without any discounts. Initially I thought this was quite a lot, however, thinking about it, its not really, as you can just order more when you need to with no messing around and the loyalty points would soon add up, so the price would decrease more and more over time. Plus...when you see the quality of the actual cards, you'll see that it is worth it. Their prices actually start from £20.00 so its just the extras that add up.
It then took another week and a half for them to be shipped out to me. So in total it was roughly three weeks from the beginning to the end.
Have a look at mine, and have a look at their website for further details. I just loved everything about Aura Print. The service, the speed, the quality and the fun way of packing your cards. In business, we need FUN and definitely SEXY !!

 I took this, to show how brilliant the quality is. They almost stood on their own, and there is no way these babies were going to be thrown away. Once I've given this to a brand , I know they'll be keeping it. Its sturdy and would be hard to bend. So this is going to withstand any battering it gets in someone's bag or case.
Brilliant aren't they ??

No need to be jealous, you can just order your own. Contact them and state that you have seen them advertised on my blog.

Aura Print also produce vinyl banners, sails, stands, Christmas cards, menus, stickers, name it, they do it. All of what businesses need. Or of course bloggers, schools, PTAs, and organisation always needs some sort of marketing. So I would recommend Aura Print to everyone.
The team clearly have a lot of talent as I have seen many other business cards designs online. You'll see that each design is unique and bespoke, and they can even come in different sizes!!

Click here to go direct to their luxury business cards:

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Have you got your business cards yet ?