Renna's Discoveries: Black Farmer Eggs - My Comparison of FREE RANGE EGGS

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Black Farmer Eggs - My Comparison of FREE RANGE EGGS

I was asked to review The Black Farmers new Eggs. So, I thought I'd quickly show you in pictures, why you should purchase these eggs if you see them. As I think.....the pictures say it all. All of the eggs I buy are free range, have been for years. The thought of caged hens makes me feel really sad. And, if you keep buying caged hens eggs, you are just encouraging these farmers to continue. Chickens need the outside to be able to run around and dig, climb, and do what chickens love to do. So, I couldn't compare free range with non-free range, so, I thought I'd compare two brands of free range for you. I know there are loads of free range eggs now, but I comparing a well bought free range egg range.
Happy Free Range Chickens produce the Best Eggs, and all you need to know at present is this : The secret is the more orange the yolk the Happier the Chicken. Also, the colour represents their diet and how fresh the eggs are, so if it is a lovely bright orange colour the chicken has an amazing fresh diet of grains and natural ingredients and has plenty of natural day light.

I normally buy Happy Eggs (or Supermarkets own Free Range), so this is the best option to compare the Black Farmer Eggs with. Now, I have to admit, my mistake was buying the medium Happy Eggs, I should have bought the large to make this an absolute even test. Anyhow, here goes.

Please note the colour of the boxes !!
First test - Boil The Eggs.
 The peeling took some while as I didn't let them cool enough, but I wanted warm eggs anyway.
I made a bit of a mess with The Black Farmer egg, but the Happy Egg shell came off much more easily. This could be because the Happy Egg had cooled more, and I have now also been told that if the egg is harder to peel, it is fresher.
Wow right ????!!!! That is a huge difference. The eggs may be free range, but they are clearly fed very different ingredients. You can see the colour difference in the egg mayonnaise we made. The beautiful orange colouring really made us want to eat it immediately.
Taste wise...if I'm completely honest, The Black Farmer Eggs did taste creamier and richer in egg taste.
So, when buying an egg mayonnaise sandwich, if it completely white - just stay away from it. Buy something else, or make sure the eggs are free range, even if the colour is pale.
OK so, next up, we made cakes. Yet again, huge difference in the colour of the batter.

PLEASE NOTE - POSITIONS CHANGED. Black Farmer is now on the RIGHT, and the Happy Eggs are now on the LEFT.
So the Happy Eggs look better - I don't know if this is because of the eggs, or my husbands measuring !!!
Not a huge difference in colouring in the cooked cakes, and not a huge difference in taste, however, after tasting it again and again, there was a slight difference in texture which you can actually see.
I do love comparing brands, it really shows what you are actually eating.

I love Happy Eggs and will continue to buy them, I have no problems with them at all, they might need to give their chickens a bit more protein and some more natural ingredients, however, if I see The Black Farmer, I'll be buying them instead.

Did you notice that the box colour is completely the same as the yolk colour ??

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