Renna's Discoveries: E-Cloth - New Year, New Cleaning Regime

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

E-Cloth - New Year, New Cleaning Regime

OK Hands up
Who hates Cleaning ?
Who Cleans because they have to ?
Who hates the smell of cleaning products ?
Well.....Me I Do !!
I hate it, I hate everything about cleaning, and I especially hate how much time it takes up. So, the quicker and easier the better I say. The other thing that I really don't like is the smell. Some cleaning products can make your house smell like a hospital, and I can't stand it. When I've been ill or pregnant for that matter, the smell of chemicals can be intoxicating, and can make you feel worse.
E-Cloth have tried to make cleaning easier. They don't need bad smelling (or good smelling) sprays or bleach...just WATER !! Now, because I've been more health conscience lately, I really wanted to get rid of as many toxins that I could, and that also includes all these chemicals that we are constantly spraying around and breathing in.
It seems to be our obsession isn't it? After seeing horrible adverts on TV we are now obsessed with cleaning as the advert showed wherever you put your hand, you have spread a germ. Yes, germs can kill, they can make you incredibly ill...but I'll tell you a can the chemicals that are in our homes and cleaning products. Used too much, they can actually cause asthma, can encourage cancer cells to grow and and start new allergies and diseases in your body. This is a scientific proven fact. So now some people have chemical sensitive allergies, and I really don't think its good for you or children or pets to be breathing in bleach fumes anyways. It can really smell, and if you use too much it can hurt your throat.
E-Cloth are award winning and have a cloth for everything, Bathroom, Hob and Oven, Stainless Steel, Kitchen, Window, Duster, Glass and Polishing, They also have a dish wash pad that you don't need soap with, and they have a mop too, as well as many others. . The cloths themselves actually kill the germs with the special fibres they are from from. Sounds unbelievable doesn't it.
 E-Cloths have 480,000 fibres per cm which helps pick up the germs and also create streak free shines.
I was given the task of a Two Week E-Cloth challenge over a month ago....and....I'm still using them. I've used all of them apart from the oven cleaning cloth, as I still just can't bare it.
My favourite is the Kitchen Cloth, for obvious reasons. This is the one I use the most, and then the Mop. All of the cloths apart from the duster just need to be put under warm water and rinsed out for them to work. You just use what is included in the cloth. The Kitchen cloth has a small scrubbing pocket, which is almost like a gentle scourer when you need to get rid of dirt or stuck on food.
The stainless steel cloth I have used on my hob many times. Usually, I can keep it fairly clean, but accidents happens, and water boils over, or I fry chicken or sausages so this always creates such a mess...especially if the husband cooks !! Here's a couple of examples as to how great it is, just with water. The second example, I actually left it for a few days to see how the cloth did with stuck on food. I was very surprised. 
 Example one - Before and After

 Example Two - Before and After

What do you think? Not bad considering. Then after this, you just need the polisher to take away any streaks. 
The Mop has also been a favourite in my house. having dogs and children running in and out into the garden can cause a very dirty looking kitchen floor. So I pretty much mop every day, if not, then definitely every other day. 
It's a flat mop, so no bucket required and no squeezey required. You take the pad and run it under hot water and then rinse. It sticks back onto the mop with ease, so easy you could pretty much just drop it and it will stick. Then....mop, that's it. So easy a child could do it !! 

This mop can be used on all floors, and as its so small and flat, its stores away really well too. I have also used water straight from the kettle, and poured it on the floor then used used the mop to soak it up and clean the floor. Its so quick its ridiculous and it dries much faster than a normal mop. 
It certainly works !!
All E-Cloths kill 99% bacteria, can be used all around the house. They can used with just water and cleaned in just water or sterilised. They can be washed in the washing machine too, with either very little detergent or none, but washed at 90 degrees. Each cloth will last up to 300 washes. That is amazing value for money. 

I think everyone should have E-Cloths, they really are super easy and a great invention. I only used E-Cloth for the two weeks challenge, with no chemicals whatsoever, and it was so easy and fast, I had more time to do other things or walk the dogs for longer. 
I'm not going to lie, after the two weeks and since I have used chemicals to clean, but only in areas or times where it is truly necessary. I'd quite happily use E-Cloths forever now. I am a true converter. 
Would you make the change ? Or do you think the higher the chemicals smells, the more it works?

Read up on E-Cloths on their Website, it is full of fascinating and sometimes scary facts and I now want to purchase the Kitchen Whizz, purely for whizzing around the kitchen. 

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