Renna's Discoveries: Matcha Tea - The Dream Matcha Tea Co

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Matcha Tea - The Dream Matcha Tea Co

You know you keep hearing about all these ingredients and foods that are super foods and ingredients that fight diseases. Well Matcha is one of them. It's a powdered tea and is incredibly green. They say its a super fat burner and it also helps fight cancer. Well.....I'm in !!! If anything says it can help fight cancer I'm going to try it.
One cup of Matcha tea is actually the equivalent of ten cups of normal green tea. So, just a cup a day will help with your health. You can have up to three cups a day if you like, but I prefer to have it just once mixed with milk or in a smoothie or protein shake.

You will find Matcha in small quantities because its so condensed with flavour and nutrients you only need a little bit. I actually am not keen on the taste of it on its own. It's very strong, which is why I personally prefer to hide the goodness in a smoothie. Check out the colour of it though....that, is a super green powder !!!

Matcha tea is so full antioxidants that it should make you feel like an ox. It boosts metabolism which then in turn will help burn calories, almost four times the normal amount. It also lowers cholesterol and your blood sugar. A brilliant claim is that it makes you happy and relaxes your mind. 
Even better. 

I've tried Matcha lattes in the past and they are really good. So when I was sent some Dream Matcha Tea I thought I'd try other ways of consuming it which didn't involve cooking. 
So, I've had it with just hot water which I wasn't keen on, and I've mixed it in with my protein shakes (which has been the best way for me) and I've also tried it with just milk on its on. 
I've read about so many ways of having it. You can make it into a cake, you can make protein balls with added Matcha, you can make cheesecakes, ice cream, matcha creams, bread....oh you name it, you can just add a small amount if Matcha to it and hey presto, you've added an extra 187 antioxidants in your body. 
Some people have a Matcha in shots. So they'll make up a drink that is highly concentrated with matcha and then knock it back several times of the day. That's definitely one way of getting it into your system quickly, certainly to be followed by a pint of water. 

I would suggest Matcha for everyone, its clearly got enough goodness in it and if it helps to fight diseases then....why not. 

You can buy Matcha in health shops and online. There are plenty of brands to choose from however the Dream Matcha Tea Co has one of the best qualities of Matcha and it is sourced from the Uji region in Japan. They have a blended mix which they tested and blended themselves to create perfection and they also sell powder Matcha green tea that hasn't been blended, but is just as good.
All delivery is free so you're only spending money on the greatness of their Matcha. 

Have you tired Matcha? What is your favourite way of drinking it, or using it in recipes?