Renna's Discoveries: My lovely new jumper from Woolovers

Friday, March 11, 2016

My lovely new jumper from Woolovers

It's been super cold so I've been living in Jumpers and Jeans these last few months. Although this is normal for me but I needed some warmer jumpers. I pretty much live in black, so I was thinking that I must get some colour on me. I needed warmer jumpers for walking the dogs and one that would keep my neck warm as well.
As fate has it, I was contacted by Woolovers to see if I would like to quality test a jumper for the company. So after scrolling through their website for a really long time, I decided on a plain black jumper. How original of me I couldn't help myself. However, I knew it would be worn a lot if I played safe with black. These are Woolovers pictures of the jumper I chose. Nice isn't it?
Woolovers have been creating and designing fine quality knitwear for over 25 years. They only ever use natural fibres of Cashmere, Cotton, Wool and Silk.

The jumper I picked - Split Collar Jumper - is 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool. All the fibres are a blend of protein fibres and knitted from wool that can go in the washing machine. 

Yes - you read right - THE WASHING MACHINE !!! Yes, this wool can go in the washing machine as a normal wash. No shrinking, no ruining the quality, just pure ease. 
I hate washing, its the worst job in the house. It seems to take forever, especially in the winter as its hanging around the house and taking up space and its just continuous. So, I was so relieved when this jumper didn't have to have its own wash. Thank goodness. 
When I received this jumper it was nice, although I felt a tiny bit scratchy, but after I washed it, it was actually softer and nicer. Who would have known.....
This is just before I washed it after I had worn it three times. 
This is the washing machine setting I put it on. 28 minutes at 30 degrees under a normal wash using Persil Non-Bio.
The same jumper comes in a variety of colours: 

Have a look at their website for a new jumper or cardigan for yourself. I've just checked and yet again they have some wonderful new designs. I really liked my jumper and I know it was last a really long time. This particular jumper costs £48.00, which I think is really good value considering the quality is really high.
Discount Code for you: Save 10% on your first online order with free delivery. Enter Code AM22P until 11.04.16 so be quick.  You won't regret it.

Can you believe it??? Wool that can washed as normal??