Renna's Discoveries: Nutriplan TeaTox Tea

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nutriplan TeaTox Tea

So as you know, I've been trying all different healthy food and drink options, so here's another one for you. TeaTox!!
This is actually part of a month detox package that Nutriplan do, however, I only have the Detox Tea to let you know about.

This detox tea is by Slim Kitten who provide it for the Nutriplan. You can purchase it on its own, so you don't need to buy the whole monthly detox plan that they provide.
So....why TeaTox?
I've read so many articles on tea toxing, some say it's a great thing, others say stay away. They are natural ingredients that help cleanse your insides. Personally, I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Hey people go and pay to get cleansed out, so what's the difference if you do it at home?
If you are feeling bloated or sluggish, I think its a great idea. You get rid of the toxins and extra food that has been stored in your body. The only thing I have an issue with in a complete month long tea tox. A week or two is perfectly fine. If you eat healthily then a month of cleansing really isn't necessary. However, if you really need it, then go for it.

Anyhow, I tried the Slim Kittens for just a week. You have a morning tea and then every other evening you have a bedtime tea. They tasted really nice, very fruity and enjoyable to drink.
When you make the tea, you need to just leave it to brew for five to ten minutes and then drink it warm. I have have heard horror stories so Do Not leave it any longer than the ten minutes as apparently you'll regret it....hahaha.

The bedtime tea you need to drink about 10 hours before you get up, or 10 hours until its safe to be on your own in private where you can lock the door and hide away.
When I read other peoples articles, it scared the crap out of me...excuse the I didn't want to go out at all, just in case. However, I was actually fine, but it did catch me by surprise on the way home one night. So, my hours were completely off which clearly means my digestive track is a few hours behind.... I think...... but, I managed to get home with time to spare...phew!! Yep....its not pretty, but, hey that's the whole point right.

I would do this plan again, as I'd like to try the monthly box, just out of curiosity really. My only negative about this brand is that you have to be very careful with the teabags themselves, as they are quite delicate. So you can't squeeze them as hard as a normal teabag as they will split, and then the bits are in your tea. This happened to me twice until I learnt to be very gentle with them.

On a good note...I did actually loose 2lbs of weight in this week. This could be because of the tea or the amount of exercise I did, I don't know, but I do know that I felt good.

Update September 2017
Nutriplan have ceased trading, so I will be trying new detox teas in the future.