Renna's Discoveries: April 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Comvita Medihoney Wound Gel - Great for Eczema!!

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to Eczema it can be really hard work always trying to find suitable products for you.
My daughter gets little patches of Eczema, just like I did as a kid. We use very natural ingredients on her skin and I am always wary of bubble baths and moisturisers, aswell as clothing.
Comvita is a skincare company that specialises in products for people that have eczema prone skin .
and they have produced a special range called Medihoney

DoddleBags - Here to make your life a doddle!!

DoddleBags are here to make your life a Doddle!! 
I actually think these will come in very useful in the warmer months when we go out for picnics and need to take drinks, and food out with us. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Black Farmer - Burgers...not just any burgers....But Cheese Burgers !!

The Black farmer is at it again !! More amazing products !! I just can not keep up. Its all Gluten Free too. So its much more healthier for us and actually only includes all the good stuff. There is no bulking out with wheats in these bad boys. These are absolutely DELICIOUS !!

Indigo Nutrition - Lucuma Powder

Still going with my healthier lifestyle, I have come across some great companies selling superfood powders, vitamins, herbs and natural ingredients and specialised teas. Indigo Herbs is yet another amazing company who's mission is to make everyone just that little bit healthier at an affordable price. There are so many wonderful ingredients out there that are only just or only in the last few years have become more popular, although many have been used for centuries in other countries. We, as a nation, need to become more healthier...out with the junk and in with the new. Healthy restaurants are opening up everywhere and these superfoods are more accessible than ever.  
They have an amazing website full of information on the many many superfoods out there, where they originate from, why they are good for you and possible recipes for you. You really must check it out.
They very kindly sent a pouch of Lucuma Powder for me to experiment with, which I have to admit, I wasn't very good at cooking with, however, it is amazing mixed into smoothies and your morning porridge. I've also mixed it into my Nutribuddy Protein Shake alongside other great supplements. They recommended mixing it with yoghurt, so I've tried that too, which is very enjoyable. I didn't really taste it in my tea so I wouldn't use it a sweetener. 
It is a very fine powder and has a very distinct smell. A smell and a taste that is quite hard to describe. Its like a very creamy nutty caramel smell. Some say its sweet, personally its like a flavouring of goodness. I think that's why I like it added to my smoothies. It mixes really well and pretty much disappears into the drink.
Lucuma is actually a large fruit found in Peru. It really is their fruit of choice and it has been used in sweet items like cakes, drinks, sweets , pies, and I have read, but not tried, that Lucuma Ice-Cream is incredibly popular. I would like to try this, as it's really nice in yoghurt and actually, I think it would be delicious.
Lucuma powder is very high in fibre, it supports normal blood pressure and circulation and also prevents tiredness.

I am going to show you a very simple recipe that I made.
No Bake Lucuma Fudge. It is the creamiest fudge I have ever tasted.

1/2 Cup of Lucuma Powder
1/2 Cup of Melted Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup of Milled Linseed Mix
1/2 Cup of Chopped Dates

Put it all together in a bowl and mix thoroughly and pour into moulds to harden. That's it.  Even a child could make this.

The Result !! Cute Fudge Pieces.

Have a look at my Twitter Account for a competition to win a pouch of Lucuma Powder running from Wednesday 27th April for one week. Just Follow myself and Indigo Herbs and RT the PINNED competition Tweet to Enter. This is for Europe Only.
Good Luck.

Read more on Lucuma Powder on Indigo Herbs website here :

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Equinox Kombucha - Green Tea Infusion Drinks

Summer is coming....and its almost time to just sit outside and relax with a book and a great refreshing sparkling drink. Well I've found the perfect drink to do just this, and....its a healthy version. 

Lean Greens - A Quick Introduction.

So, I've started yet another daily routine. I'm getting good at these !! I've now started Lean Greens. 
Lean Greens is basically a drink that you make yourself in its own fabulous shaker every morning. It's a great way of getting the green vegetables and plenty of other amazing supplements that we need into our bodies without having to eat a tonne of spinach. We are told that Raw Foods are much better for us than cooked as the foods still contain all the goodness that we need. So this drink will help us with this mission. This is a super green drink full of all the goodness your body requires. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pow Protein - Chocolate Covered Protein Balls

I'm constantly looking at food and food ideas online. Mainly Twitter and Instagram and Protein balls come up a lot. So I thought I should finally use the Pow Protein Cooking Mix that I've had in my cupboard for a while now and go for it. 
I didn't want to follow the recipe, as I never do, I like to experiment. However, as I've never made these before, I didn't want to change the suggestion too much. So I thought I'd add Dates to the mix. Dates are a natural sweetener and I eat them a lot. A lot of Gluten free bars are actually made with dates so I thought they would be a great extra. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Crazy Cafe for Kids - Tactic Games

When we have rainy or cold days, I like to stay in with the kids and do crafts and play games. As in with any activity, it has to be fun, entertaining and engaging. I was asked to review a game with the kids, and as the weather has been so up and down this week, this was a perfect time to play games, whilst we had a bit of rain outside. 
Tactic Games have just launched Crazy Cafe. Now because I cook a lot, and myself and my daughter watch most of the baking and cooking programmes, I thought this game would be perfect for us.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Favourite Beauty Products in March - including AEOS

I've been having loads of fun with some really great beauty products lately and here are my favourites to share with you. 
For those times that you really need to relax and unwind....or just sit and blog or watch the TV I can recommend Ooharr Face Masks. They are formulated with natural oils and suitable for all skin types. then everyone can enjoy them.
I love the packaging , its super fun and would look really nice in a basket in the bathroom or in a beauty hamper as a gift. 
I was given the Star Glow, Dead Sea Cooler and the Rosie Glow face masks. I have to say, that I actually really liked all of them. they are obviously simple to use, just wash your face and then smooth the creamy base all over your face and spread down onto your neck aswell if you like. They all smelt nice and I was nice and relaxed for those 10-15 minutes that I needed. The other perk is that my skin actually felt really clean and refreshed afterwards too.  If you see these in the shops, I highly recommend them. 

Next of my favourites is definately AEOS - or - Active Energised Organice Skincare. This is without a doubt a really good product brand. My favourite brands include Thalgo, Germaine De Cappacini, Nivea, Simple and now AEOS has joined that group. I can not express how much I love this brand.
 I love the packaging of it. These are obviously the travel and sample sizes, but I tell you a secret......these are a great size and actually will last you a couple of weeks and more. They are the perfect little gift set or for your travels. The other bonus is that they all fit in your handbag very easily. They come in a white box which you can use to hold them in on the bathroom shelf.

 In the pack of samples there is an instruction leaflet. At first , I thought....oh really ??? I have to read all of this, but I only needed a small part and it explains all about each product and how to use it and when. So actually, it was very useful. I followed their morning routine....which.....bare with me ok, its long, but one that is sooooo worth it at the end. These instructions are obviously down to you and you can use whatever products you like how you like, this is just their guide for cleansing.

Phase One - Renewal - Cleanse and Exfoliate
These both felt lush on the skin and had a very high Rose scent. I applied and then removed both with damp cotton wool. This is the creamy phase.

Phase Two - Rebalance - Energising Conditioner then Refreshing Hydrating Mist.
The energising conditioner is very watery. I wasn't sure at first, but it feels great on and really wakes up the skin, in the same way that the hydrating mist does. A quick spray on the skin will make you feel refreshed. Perfect for hot days when you are make up free too. Both products have all natural ingredients and essential oils. This is the watery phase where you have to make sure you don't spill the liquids.

Phase Three - Replenish - Realive Serum and end with Enriching Moisturiser.
Both of these products just disappears into the skin making it feel alive and smooth and completely hydrated.

The evening routine is slightly different. 
Remove your make -up with the Cleansing Oil De-Maq, then wash with the Facial Wash. Then use the Energising Conditioner followed by the Hydrating Mist and then to finish use the Realive Serum and the Enriching moisturiser. 
The cleansing oil is brilliant and the facial wash is another really watery product, but it works...and I love it. I don't think I'd go back to using a creamy facial wash again after AEOS. 
I would highly recommend these products. There were a few I wasn't sure on at first, mainly with the consistency of the liquid. I found a few very watery, but, it made sense once using them and my skin felt like like a dream afterwards. I am still using these products, and I would love the full size products. The main reason why I love these products is .... when you have finished your routine, you feel your skin and not the products. It also evens out your skin tone too. 

My last favourite of the month is Kneipp Grape Seed Oil. I use this all over my body after a shower. It smells fab and feels fab. All of Kneipps products that I have had over the years, I've highly recommended. They have mostly been bath oils, but now I generally have showers so I tend to use oils afterwards instead. This is a must buy and now I really want to whole range.

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Have you tried any of these products? What products would you recommend for me to try next?

The Black Farmer is Now doing CHEESE !!

 The Black farmer is going from strength to strength. He even has his own TV commercial now. I have written a few posts about the Black Farmer as I believe his products are just amazing.
Check out my posts on Black Farmer Eggs HERE, Black Farmer Roast in Bag HERE and his fabulous Sausages HERE.
His Cheese is just as good too ! Creamy, loads of flavour and nice and mature. Here's a few pictures to show the quality of it....and guess what???
He has BURGERS to follow - so watch this space !!

Le Garrick Restaurant - Covent Garden - London

I wanted to share a fab little French restaurant in London that I was invited to dine at for Mother's Day. Actually, it's not little....its a very deceiving restaurant where it seems to go on and on. It's very cosy and has a rustic feel about it. They also have a down stairs, which surprised me. Its actually really cool as it feels like you're walking through tunnels. It has lots of lovely private booth areas. Perfect for date night or for lunch and dinner meetings.