Renna's Discoveries: Comvita Medihoney Wound Gel - Great for Eczema!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Comvita Medihoney Wound Gel - Great for Eczema!!

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to Eczema it can be really hard work always trying to find suitable products for you.
My daughter gets little patches of Eczema, just like I did as a kid. We use very natural ingredients on her skin and I am always wary of bubble baths and moisturisers, aswell as clothing.
Comvita is a skincare company that specialises in products for people that have eczema prone skin .
and they have produced a special range called Medihoney
The range has all been dermatolically tested, suitable for the whole family and is free from parabens, and fragrance.
I asked if I could review their Wound Gel. Having kids you need a suitable natural healing cream. Especially as mine have sensitive skin, its best to use as natural ingredients as possible.
 The Wound Gel contains medical Manuka Honey, which helps with natural healing and reduces the risk of infections. It can be used direct onto cuts, grazes and because this is so natural, it can be used on eczema too. Eczema wounds are more sensitive so they need just the right product to heal the skin instead of making it worse.
Wound Gel works in the same way of other antibacterial creams its just more natural. It heals the wound and naturally cleans the wound or any dirt and bacteria and then reduces any risk of infection.
Depending how bad the wound is, you can apply just a small amount, to a large amount and cover, and then reapply every day or every 2-3 days. This is a very thick and sticky product so it will cover any wound well.
My daughter actually had a fall in the park and I applied this straight to her arm where she grazed herself and it was all fine and she could carry on playing. No chance of any infections with this wound gel.
It comes in two sizes 25g and 50g. I have the 25g one and it is a perfect travel size, so this will now go into my handbag for those emergencies when you're out and about.

*Update: I have used this quite a few times with my own kids and other peoples kids and it sills the wound so well, the pain almost goes and it heals really nicely. Highly Recommended.

Have a look at their website Comvita Medihoney Range and place your orders.

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