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Friday, April 15, 2016

Crazy Cafe for Kids - Tactic Games

When we have rainy or cold days, I like to stay in with the kids and do crafts and play games. As in with any activity, it has to be fun, entertaining and engaging. I was asked to review a game with the kids, and as the weather has been so up and down this week, this was a perfect time to play games, whilst we had a bit of rain outside. 
Tactic Games have just launched Crazy Cafe. Now because I cook a lot, and myself and my daughter watch most of the baking and cooking programmes, I thought this game would be perfect for us.
Ok, so there's no cooking involved, but its restaurant related, and that's good enough for us foodies.
It comes in your standard sized gaming box and it has a fun bright cover, so it is easy to spot in the shops. It's aimed at children aged 3 plus for 2 plus players. Its all about balancing, counting and whether they can keep their nerves!! The aim of the game is to basically try and leave as many items on the table after pulling the tablecloth from under them. Sounds easy right !!
 Upon opening the very light weighted box, there are 4 bags of items and an instruction leaflet. (The box was so light, I wondered if there was anything actually in it). With it being so light, the kids can carry it around it easily.
 First things all the bags and see what there is.
 The instruction leaflet is well written out and it even has the option of Quick Rules. So when you are explaining to the kids how to play, you can read the whole lot out or just the shortened version. As we all know, kids attention spans are very short , so I really liked the simplicity of the rules and the game.
 I did wonder where was the table was....hahahaha, then I read to turn the box over. Dadahhh, here's the table.
 Here is everything in the box that I set up for you. I liked the plastic items as they are really light and the kids knew exactly what each item was. Again, I also liked the bright colours of everything and the kids were excited about setting up the table.
 The actual way to play the game is to Spin the wheel and follow the instructions of either Pull, Stack or Place. You can either Stack or Place 1 or 2 items and you can also take them away. I liked this as its a good start to counting and subtracting for the 3 year old's. The stacking involved working out what items would stack better and whether they would be able to stack further items onto the tower of items.
 So you start with just the table and tablecloth, and the youngest goes first. You just keep following the spinner until it says Pull, and then the nerves kick in and the kids have got to pull the tablecloth without pulling anything else off of the table. Its not as easy as it looks. The kids actually got quite scared at this part. Although I found it hilarious.
This was the very first attempt and everything came off.  To win the game, you have to pull off the tablecloth three times without dropping anything off the table. I had a funny feeling this was going to take a while.

 Stacking. When sitting back watching two 7 years old play this, it did make me giggle, as I just knew they had to make mistakes to learn. This was a classic example of the Stacking problems that they encountered and soon realised, it was a mistake. So they had to work out what to do when Stack come up again on the spinner.
 Phew, thank goodness for the cutlery, as nothing was going to sit on top of the salt pot.
The more the girls played the better at it they become. Here's a good example. A full table and a great pull!!

 I don't think any of us actually managed to keep everything on the table, which then caused us all to laugh throughout and just keep trying. Commitment throughout a game is always good right !!
 This was so close......she just lost the salt pot. Brilliant effort.
 The two girls continued to play and they really enjoyed it. They followed rules and stuck to them ....most of the time. They told me that they both really liked the game as it was fun, and funny, but it did make them feel nervous and scared when the Pull came up.
I enjoyed watching them and joining in. I did wonder if 7 was too old for the game, but when my daughters friend left, she asked her Mum if she could buy the game....."pleeeeeeease Mummy, it's so much fun, I really need it".

I tried the game out with two 5 year old boys as well. Quite surprisingly (for me) they actually sat and played the game correctly for about ...shall we say 15 minutes. Which I think is really good for two boys. We did get to the point of items being thrown at each other, but at least they were having fun. The plastic items are so light, that they would never have been able to hurt each throwing them about. they are also very durable, so unless they were strodden on, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't break either. The boys really did try to keep everything on the table, and they were actually very good. They didn't get as competitive as the girls, they just played it purely for fun. The spinner was also a good way of sounding out letters and spelling out the words. So educational wise, it was really good for the younger ones.

The only thing is, I think this game is perfect for two to three children at a time. I wouldn't have asked all four to play at the same time, it would have been a really quick game and probably would have got way to competitive. Plus the table is not that big to fit four around it easily. But, that's just my opinion.

Have a look at Tactic Games Unboxing and Playing video of their game testers to get a better idea of the game.

I would recommend this game for all different ages. You can make it quick or you can make it last as long as possible. For the older kids, this is also a game they can play on their own, so you can do your own cafe set up in the kitchen whilst they are playing.

Buy yours HERE from Amazon and enjoy the fun !!

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