Renna's Discoveries: DoddleBags - Here to make your life a doddle!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

DoddleBags - Here to make your life a doddle!!

DoddleBags are here to make your life a Doddle!! 
I actually think these will come in very useful in the warmer months when we go out for picnics and need to take drinks, and food out with us. 

They come in a pack of ten for £9.99 all with funky brightly coloured lids. They are basically pouches that you can put any liquid in securely and take them out with you.
If I had these when my kids were younger they would have been well used with baby foods, yoghurt, purees, frozen water for teething, I might of also used them for carrying milk formula around.
Personally, now the kids are older, these will be more useful for made up yoghurt (plain yoghurt mixed with the fruit of their choice) and purees. These could also be used as miniature frozen pouches for the lunch boxes. At least if you use squash, juice, yoghurt or water, once it is defrosted after keeping your food chilled, it can be drunk. Perfect.

Otherways of using them are : sauces, paints, gels, toiletries when travelling, washing liquids when going away.
For travelling and out of the house use, these are going to be brilliant. Weekend breaks for example. If you don't have any travel size toiletries, you just need to pour your shampoo and conditioner in one of these bags, and off you go. Super easy.

You can also buy extra stickers for labels , brushes to paint with, and also forks and spoons to go with the pouches.

Here's what you get in a packet:
10 Bags, 10 Lids, 10 Stickers

Have a look at their website

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