Renna's Discoveries: Equinox Kombucha - Green Tea Infusion Drinks

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Equinox Kombucha - Green Tea Infusion Drinks

Summer is coming....and its almost time to just sit outside and relax with a book and a great refreshing sparkling drink. Well I've found the perfect drink to do just this, and....its a healthy version. 

They have four different flavours and each is really nice. They have their own Element too!

Kombucha is an ancient fermented drink made from sweetened tea.  Kombucha’s yeasts & bacteria coexist in a symbiotic colony, producing a naturally carbonated brew which combines sweet & sour in one refreshing mouthful. 

Here are the flavours:

Original : EARTH Element
This is just pure Chun Mee Tea & Kombucha live cultures with added raw sugar and that's it. It's really nice and super refreshing. It had an almost Elderflower undertone. 

Wild Berry: AIR Element
This has added hibiscus, licorice root, rosehip, nettle, pineapple and bilberry. You would think it has raspberries in it because of the taste, as it quite a sharp undertone. However, we enjoyed this and just dreamed of sitting on the beach whilst sipping it. 

Ginger : FIRE Element
With the added Ginger, this sure does give it a kick, but a very gentle kick. Its very pleasant to drink, and reminded us of a light ginger beer. Perfect and refreshing.

Raspberry and Elderflower: WATER Element
With added raspberry leaf, elderflower, hibiscus, rosehip and nettle. This was one of my favourites out of the four. This was sun in a bottle. 

There are a lot of what I call Fake drinks out there, which are just full of sugars, sweeteners, preservatives and flavours, but they don't actually contain a natural ingredient. These drinks should actually be banned as they are no good for us at all. 
Equinox on the other hand has all natural and organic ingredients and not that many. There are no hidden nasties in these drinks at all. Plus the logo and the packaging is so cool and colourful. Imagine a festival in your garden!
If you see them, try one, or alternatively, go onto their website and buy a selection. These are perfect and healthy enough for everyone to enjoy.

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