Renna's Discoveries: Indigo Nutrition - Lucuma Powder

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Indigo Nutrition - Lucuma Powder

Still going with my healthier lifestyle, I have come across some great companies selling superfood powders, vitamins, herbs and natural ingredients and specialised teas. Indigo Herbs is yet another amazing company who's mission is to make everyone just that little bit healthier at an affordable price. There are so many wonderful ingredients out there that are only just or only in the last few years have become more popular, although many have been used for centuries in other countries. We, as a nation, need to become more healthier...out with the junk and in with the new. Healthy restaurants are opening up everywhere and these superfoods are more accessible than ever.  
They have an amazing website full of information on the many many superfoods out there, where they originate from, why they are good for you and possible recipes for you. You really must check it out.
They very kindly sent a pouch of Lucuma Powder for me to experiment with, which I have to admit, I wasn't very good at cooking with, however, it is amazing mixed into smoothies and your morning porridge. I've also mixed it into my Nutribuddy Protein Shake alongside other great supplements. They recommended mixing it with yoghurt, so I've tried that too, which is very enjoyable. I didn't really taste it in my tea so I wouldn't use it a sweetener. 
It is a very fine powder and has a very distinct smell. A smell and a taste that is quite hard to describe. Its like a very creamy nutty caramel smell. Some say its sweet, personally its like a flavouring of goodness. I think that's why I like it added to my smoothies. It mixes really well and pretty much disappears into the drink.
Lucuma is actually a large fruit found in Peru. It really is their fruit of choice and it has been used in sweet items like cakes, drinks, sweets , pies, and I have read, but not tried, that Lucuma Ice-Cream is incredibly popular. I would like to try this, as it's really nice in yoghurt and actually, I think it would be delicious.
Lucuma powder is very high in fibre, it supports normal blood pressure and circulation and also prevents tiredness.

I am going to show you a very simple recipe that I made.
No Bake Lucuma Fudge. It is the creamiest fudge I have ever tasted.

1/2 Cup of Lucuma Powder
1/2 Cup of Melted Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup of Milled Linseed Mix
1/2 Cup of Chopped Dates

Put it all together in a bowl and mix thoroughly and pour into moulds to harden. That's it.  Even a child could make this.

The Result !! Cute Fudge Pieces.

Have a look at my Twitter Account for a competition to win a pouch of Lucuma Powder running from Wednesday 27th April for one week. Just Follow myself and Indigo Herbs and RT the PINNED competition Tweet to Enter. This is for Europe Only.
Good Luck.

Read more on Lucuma Powder on Indigo Herbs website here :