Renna's Discoveries: Le Garrick Restaurant - Covent Garden - London

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Le Garrick Restaurant - Covent Garden - London

I wanted to share a fab little French restaurant in London that I was invited to dine at for Mother's Day. Actually, it's not little....its a very deceiving restaurant where it seems to go on and on. It's very cosy and has a rustic feel about it. They also have a down stairs, which surprised me. Its actually really cool as it feels like you're walking through tunnels. It has lots of lovely private booth areas. Perfect for date night or for lunch and dinner meetings.
The main reason for sharing it with you is because I thought the staff were absolutely amazing and the food was pretty good too. I would very happily go back and try new dishes, although, ,I'd be happy with the mussels and a glass of wine.
This is the Top Floor. It seems really small as it only has a few tables, but the smell of garlic coming out was just mouthwatering.
 We were taken downstairs passed a wall covered in theatre posters. It is Covent garden after all !! It's theatre area, and Le Garrick is just a 4 minute journey from Leicester Square tube station, straight into the view of all the theatres. So Le Garrick would make for a pre-theatre dinner too.
 This is downstairs.....lovely isn't it. I instantly forgot where I was was and travelled to France in just a few steps. It really is a very lovely French cafe.
 We were given a private booth to sit and enjoy our dinner. In our booth we actually had a picture of the Eiffel Tower which felt like a window looking out onto Paris. If you fancy wine and mussels, this is definitely the restaurant to go to.
This was the Mothers Day special menu which we were dining from. I thought £20 for two courses and £25 for three courses was very good value, considering what was included.
 We chose the Mussels and Goats Cheese salad to share between us and we were given plenty of bread !! Thank goodness, as, you know, it's very French, but we needed it to soak up all the deliciousness of the food.

 For our mains we both had the steak. In hindsight, one of us should have had the mushroom risotto, only because....we like to share. The Steak was huge and I really struggled to eat it all but it tasted really good though....just remember when you say medium rare in a French Restaurant, actually, it means Rare. So ask for medium well to get a medium steak. 
 The finale, not that I could actually eat any more was my lemon tart with a birthday candle in. It was such a sweet gesture and it tasted great too !!

If you fancy a trip for authentic French Food, you must try Le Garrick. Its easy to find and I can assure you that the staff will make your experience very special. So get yourself booked it!

10-12 Garrick Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9BH

Follow them on their social media. they have plenty of amazing foodie photos. 

Plus you might see a picture of me with the management. Such a fun team. On this sunny day that I am writing this, I would happily be sitting by their window eating mussels in the sun. 

Pictures of the Food are my own and all others are courtesy of Le Garrick. Thank you to Le Garrick for a wonderful lunch xxx

*I won lunch through a competition