Renna's Discoveries: Lean Greens - A Quick Introduction.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lean Greens - A Quick Introduction.

So, I've started yet another daily routine. I'm getting good at these !! I've now started Lean Greens. 
Lean Greens is basically a drink that you make yourself in its own fabulous shaker every morning. It's a great way of getting the green vegetables and plenty of other amazing supplements that we need into our bodies without having to eat a tonne of spinach. We are told that Raw Foods are much better for us than cooked as the foods still contain all the goodness that we need. So this drink will help us with this mission. This is a super green drink full of all the goodness your body requires. 
It comes in a 500g tub with its own scoop, so you'll always have the correct amount in your drinks. When you open it the powder is actually a very light green colour and has a complete mixture of a smell to it. I can smell grass, spinach and barley more than the other ingredients. Its one of those moments where you think.....OMG, am I going to like this, or am I going to actually have to force it down me?

You add the scoop to your shaker, and add roughly 200ml of water and mix. make sure you mix it really well. Some people add ice to the shaker to make it extra cold and others add it to smoothies. I've been using this for only four days so far so I've only tried it with water and coconut water.
And.....I tell you's actually a really nice to drink to drink. Even more so with the coconut water as it sweetens it even more. I have a sweet tooth, I can't help it. It's still very pleasant with water, surprisingly so. It definitely doesn't taste like it smells.
Now with these types of drinks, I think the taste is the highest worry when purchasing these products. I've read many reviews on other brands and this is by far the best one. Yes, OK its got sweetener added it to - Stevio Glycosides. But, its a natural sweetener and it makes it tastes good, so I'm happy with that. Stevio glycosides are in many products that we already consume. The body breaks it down and allows us to pass it, our bodies don't actually store it, so therefore it is safe for us to consume.
Lean Greens Active Ingredients are: Spinach, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Alfalfa, Chlorella, Carrot, Spirulina and Broccoli.
I've seen smoothies with similar ingredients and just think its the worst type of smoothie to drink every day, but Lean Greens is great, as firstly I don't need to keep buying the vegetables for the smoothies, or freezing them in ice cubes. I can just use a scoop and hey presto, I have almost the same amount of goodness. It sure is green when mixed but its a good green.
Whilst using Lean Green this week alongside my other supplements, I have actually felt better and as it contains digestive enzymes, this helps flush out all those nasties in your body.
This has certainly woken my body up in the morning and got me going. Which I need trying to get two kids out the door to school. 

I would definitely recommend Lean Greens. Its helped so many people and has received wonderful reviews. Its a shame we're only allowed one a day, as I'd happily drink this several times a day. 

I will do a follow up post in a few weeks to let you know how I'm getting on along with a discount code for you!! 

Have a look at their website for all their amazing reviews.

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