Renna's Discoveries: Pow Protein - Chocolate Covered Protein Balls

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pow Protein - Chocolate Covered Protein Balls

I'm constantly looking at food and food ideas online. Mainly Twitter and Instagram and Protein balls come up a lot. So I thought I should finally use the Pow Protein Cooking Mix that I've had in my cupboard for a while now and go for it. 
I didn't want to follow the recipe, as I never do, I like to experiment. However, as I've never made these before, I didn't want to change the suggestion too much. So I thought I'd add Dates to the mix. Dates are a natural sweetener and I eat them a lot. A lot of Gluten free bars are actually made with dates so I thought they would be a great extra. 
 So I needed Cooking Whey, Chopped Dates, Peanut Butter and Honey. That's it.

Pow Protein have their own recipe on the back of the packaging, so I used that as a guide. Their weights are for two bars, so as I was making balls, I doubled the amounts. Here's theirs:
 I weighed 70 grams of cooking whey and added it to a small bowl.
 Then I got a bit carried away with the peanut butter and weighed up 85 grams. As I was adding dates, I didn't want to mix to be too dry.
 I had 46 grams of pure honey and a handful of chopped dates. All added to a bowl and mixed thoroughly.

 At first I thought it may be too wet, but, I just went with it.
I left the peanut mix to sit whilst I sorted out some chocolate. I had a small amount of Doisy and Dam Mulberries, Chia Seeds and Spirulina left (see previous blog post here Doisy and Dam). So I melted that along with some extra dark chocolate from Morrisons and an Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny just to use it up. I melted it by putting it in the microwave and stiring it after every 20 seconds until it had completely melted in gorgeous gooeiness.

 Whilst the chocolate was melting I rolled the peanut mix into small balls. About a teaspoons worth.
 Then I dipped them in the chocolate, made a mess, laughed loads whilst trying not to break the balls and then put them on greaseproof paper to harden.
 It is not as easy as it looks, as you have to make sure you don't have too much chocolate dripping all over the place.
Once I dipped my 8 balls, I still had chocolate left, so I just put a scoop of the protein powder into the chocolate and mixed that and then poured into cake cases. Simple. The Kids could have these ones.

 Dadahhhhh. I was actually quite pleased with myself (and pleased that I didn't get a spoon and eat the chocolate!!) The balls turned out OK. They look.....homemade and taste Delicious....think Reeses Cup but bigger.
 I will be making these again. As we all need treats, but if we can make those treats a bit healthier or a lot healthier that's even better. I'm wondering what other fruit I could add to this mix next time.
Have you tried any No Bake recipes ? Send me your suggestions and links. 
You can buy your Pow Protein from many online health websites, and in health shops. See their website for stockists

*I won this item in a competition