Renna's Discoveries: The Black Farmer is Now doing CHEESE !!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Black Farmer is Now doing CHEESE !!

 The Black farmer is going from strength to strength. He even has his own TV commercial now. I have written a few posts about the Black Farmer as I believe his products are just amazing.
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His Cheese is just as good too ! Creamy, loads of flavour and nice and mature. Here's a few pictures to show the quality of it....and guess what???
He has BURGERS to follow - so watch this space !!

 I love cheese, I could eat it every day and with so many things. My favourite is a way my Mum taught me, and thats just cut up bits of cheese with Apple slices. So easy and it makes a great snack.

When we have pasta, we always have a sprinkle of cheese, as it just kind of finishes off the dish doesn't it, especially when it melts and goes all stringy....ooooooo love it !!

This is a cheese definitely worth trying. It didn't last long in my house it was just too delicious !!

Have a look here to see all of his other wonderful products. WEBSITE
Hurry up Summer - We Need Black Farmer BBQ time !!