Renna's Discoveries: Buff & Butter Essential Oils

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Buff & Butter Essential Oils

Essential Oils are everywhere. You can make up your beauty creams, perfumes, direct into the bath or use them in candles. I like to also just drip a tiny amount of lavender on my pillow if I'm having problems sleeping, or if the kids are having problems. People have been using essential oils for centuries. 
Buff and Butter sell a wide range of oils and kits and I asked if I could review a few of their oils. These are the types of oils that as soon as you open them up and the smell hits you, it either calms, relaxes, awakens or lifts your spirits. 
 All of my chosen scents were very strong and just sent us into euphoria smelling them. They come in very cute little bottles that are easily stored away, or kept on the window sill.

Lets go through my scents:

Eucalyptus Globus:
This is one of my favourites as it really wakens every sense in your body. It can smell quite strong if you are not used to it, but it will definitely clear your sinuses when you need some help. When you breathe it in, it almost feels like your head is open and clear and it makes you feel very relaxed afterwards. Best ways to use this oil is on its own or mixed with water. If you are feeling really down with the cold or flu, you can add this to a warm bath as it will help you breath so much more easily.
This oil comes from the dried leaves of the Eucalyptus plant. There are more than 700 different species of Eucalyptus and 500 of them produce oils. Now that's a lot of oil !!
This particular oil - the globus - is the most common oil and is used in many different products. It can be mixed with other oils for your regular skincare and it is also used in mouthwashes, toothpaste and medicines.
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This is my second favourite, due to its calming effects. The oil comes from the actual flowers being distilled. Lavender oils were one of the first to be used in perfumes. Because of its calming effects, it can also relieve anxiety and sleep disorders. Many people use lavender oils before they go to bed, all you need to do is put a couple of drops on your pillow and then lie there and relax. You'll also find lavender in a lot of skincare as it cleans and relaxes the skin.
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Now, this is an incredible oil and is very medicinal. It can relieve your body of pain, help with your muscles after a work out and can even help control muscular spasms. It can also help with wounds and illnesses. It is very likely that the pain relief cream you have in your cupboard contains Marjoram. If not, then you make your own with the oils. This really is an oil that everyone should have in their cupboards. It literally helps you from your head to your toes. Add some to your bath water and you'll just float away.
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The smell of this is just incredible. Now, as you know lemongrass is used in food, a lot, especially in Asia. It is used to flavour their food dishes and it really is delicious. Aswell as it tasting amazing, the smell and the oils can help your whole body relax. It relieves stress and anxiety. You can add this to handmade soaps, lotions and it can be used to relieve pain. Another way of using this oil is adding it to water and spraying your body with it to repel flying insects, and the same can be sprayed onto your pets to help keep fleas away.
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Same as all the others, this will help with depression, anxiety, stress and can heal your body inside and out in all areas. It is used in many cosmetics and lotions for the body. It smells amazing, and is another must have oils in your house. Again, it is a strong smell, possibly an acquired smell, however it is used in many perfumes for men and women. Another thing to mention is that if you ingest it, by adding it to drinks, it can really help you loose weight, and detoxes your insides.
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Now, I know that all of the oils that I chose pretty much do the same thing, like help with illnesses, help with your relaxing and each one is ultimately a super oil, but each one has its own gorgeous smell.
Buff and Butter have the cheapest organic 100% natural oils on the market, and they are well worth it. Plus they look pretty.
Order yours now from Buff & Butter direct from their website :

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