Renna's Discoveries: Cuppanut - Coconut Tea by Gareth Gates

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cuppanut - Coconut Tea by Gareth Gates

So, I have come across another amazing discovery that I absolutely have to share with you.
I was sent some samples of the one and only Gareth Gates' new tea. Yes, the amazing singer that we all fell for from the first ever Pop Idol, and has been a successful singer, songwriter and theatre star ever since.

Gareth follows a very healthy lifestyle and loves Coconut. He says that he has spent quite a while experimenting in his kitchen with coconut and came up with.....a Tea !!
Yes, Coconut Tea. Not tea leaves with coconut, but just pure unadulterated Coconut. You can actually see the flakes of coconut in the tea bags.
Lots of people have commented on the name and it may sound strange, or mean something else, but it does actually make huge sense.
Cup of a Coconut = Cuppanut - Clever hey?!

Cuppanut has only just launched this April and I reckon it's going to be huge. This is the first pure Coconut Tea to be sold in the UK and its divine.

By looking at the packaging, you wouldn't think there was coconut included, but if you look close enough it could be half a coconut with a handle. I like it as it stands out.

At present he has designed three flavours :
Coconut & Cranberry Infusion
Coconut Ginger & Turmeric Infusion
Coconut Infusion.

All of these teas are caffeine free and full of all natural ingredients and nutrients. There are no nasties at all, which is why they taste so good. (Hot or Cold). They are also biodegradable tea bags, which is great for the environment.
I think the pictures speak for themselves. I tasted these with a friend, and we were in complete amazement of the vibrant colours and how amazing it tastes. We just fell in love and wanted to hug our mugs. They are so pretty and they really do taste of pure coconut. When you smell them you will understand why I have fallen for them. It is a pure explosion of colour and taste and very pleasing to the eye.

Love love love !!!

Now, we all know that coconut, cranberries, ginger and turmeric are all natural medicines for the body, so these could possibly be the most healthiest teas in the UK at present.
I am very excited to see what new flavours Gareth comes up with next year.

He sells his teas in boxes of 15 tea bags - seems weird calling it tea, when there are no tea leaves in there, but.... that's what we do. Each box is only £4.50 and the tea bags are loose.
To find out more visit : and get your orders in.