Renna's Discoveries: Danger Mouse is Back !!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Danger Mouse is Back !!

Danger Mouse is a cartoon programme that I used to watch as a child. It's also one of the many programmes that has been revamped and back bigger and better for our own children to enjoy. Danger Mouse is now on CBBC and had 3.6 million viewers in its first six weeks on TV. So this alone proves how popular it was, and is now.
Of course with every TV programme, there comes new toys.  When I went to the Toyfair with a blogger friend Lucy, we met up with Jazwares who has designed all of the new and very exciting toys. They wanted to bring the cartoon to life with their toys and help the children role play and have loads of fun. There are some very exciting new toys coming out, including a very large Danger Mouse plush toy that has his own sayings and comes with a Jet Pack, and you also have his Mark IV Danger Car, which I really want to buy my son. It has wings !!
And finally, there are these fun figures. They are 3 inches high and are nice and bright in the packaging and there are five to collect.
 I was sent the two that I really liked at the Toy Fair. Danger Mouse with his own zip wire, which I thought was really cool and something the kids would love, and then I also chose Penfold, because, he's a classic character and Danger Mouse always needs a friend.
Lets have a look at each of them.
So here's Penfold. This is a really fun toy where you can get to launch Penfold really high in the air. You put his special boots on and stand him on the launcher, and then you push the launcher down yourself and whoosssshhhh Penfold has gone flying!! This takes a bit of practice, but after a while all you could hear was a load of giggling and shouts of "Again Again". Poor Penfold flew so much we all lost count.

I really liked this Toy, as a parent. Its really good quality, nice and sturdy, as in, it won't get broken easily. Plus its fun to have competitions in who can launch him the furthest. 

Here's Danger Mouse.
 He has his own zip wire in this figure , where you can connect it to ...... something........or stick it to a window or similar.
 Either end of the zip wire has hooks, so I kept thinking what I could hook him on easily so that the kids could move him around. As you can see, its not a long wire, but, its enough. Ideally, I would want it longer so it could go across the whole of a window or across a room. However, this could be deemed very dangerous and probably wouldn't be sold as a toy.
 So, my best place to hang him was on a laundry dryer that hooks over the radiator. I know right....genius Mummy. The kids had a great time sliding him back and forth, and changing his positions.
As a Mum, I wasn't particularly keen on this toy, because you could easily pull his arms and legs off and quite likely loose them, but.....I'm not the one playing with him.  (These toys are not for under threes, due to the loose parts, so please bare this in mind if you have younger children and babies in the house) The kids absolutely loved playing with this toy. They were making up stories, role playing and just hearing them laugh was enough for me.  So, if they love it, I love it. He is cute though isn't he. I don't mind him hanging around the house.

 Role play included Penfold jumping up to try and save Danger Mouse or the other way round. It was really funny to watch poor Penfold flying around.

 The kids loved them so much, that we took them to the park to play with too !!
 These can be bought from most of the Toy Shops and online.

Toys R Us have a very good selection and at a good price so buy yours from here : Danger Mouse Toys from Toys R Us

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