Renna's Discoveries: Eat Clean Tea #SummerOfMatcha Mocktail

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eat Clean Tea #SummerOfMatcha Mocktail

I'm loving Matcha Tea this year, I have been been drinking it every day as a latte or included in my protein shakes. Its been helping me stay healthy as its full of antioxidants and has helped me loose unnecessary weight.

EatClean Tea has asked lots of Bloggers to come up with a new recipe for a cocktail. The reason is that we need to encourage people to stop drinking so many unhealthy fizzy drinks and sugar laden drinks.
I asked to sample the Eat Clean Tea with Mint. I love mint, its really good for you on the inside and helps with digestion. It is also extremely refreshing.
As I have Greek blood in me, I already had a plan to make a cocktail with the Matcha Mint and Cucumber. Its one of my favourite combinations, its fresh and light and makes me think of summer.

So I juiced a whole cucumber for my cocktail. The colour of juiced cucumber is a very bright light green, so it would go well with the Matcha colour.
Benefits of Cucumber Juice include:

Keeping you energized. A glass of cucumber juice has more nutrients that any energy drink give you and its all natural and there's no calories.
Keeping you hydrated and gets rid of toxins that are in your body.
Keeps you cool. If you drink cucumber juice after a workout or in the sun it will cool your body down nicely.
Gets rid of hangovers if you decided to have too many the night before.

So with this mind, I'd say it was the perfect combination to go with Matcha Tea, especially Mint Matcha tea.

So, here is my entry to #SummerOf Matcha competition with +EatCleanTea

Cocktail Name : Minimatchu Q

One whole juiced cucumber
2 Scoops of EatClean Mint Matcha Tea
100 mls of Apple Juice (just for sweetness if required - this can be fresh or from a carton)
5 ice cubes

Add all ingredients to a blender and blitz

Pour into a glass and add more ice if necessary
Garnish with cucumber or lemon if you have any.

Enjoy !!

The colour is gorgeous and really stands out. It was really refreshing and a very light drink. The mint came through and hit all the senses too.
Hours after drinking this, I still feel wide awake and ready to take on the world !

Thank you to EatClean Tea for letting us experiment with your amazing Matcha Tea. 

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