Renna's Discoveries: My Update from New Year New Me - What I've been up to to get fit.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Update from New Year New Me - What I've been up to to get fit.

So what have I been up to with my stay fit and be healthy year so far. I'm still working on weight loss, but not hugely anymore, I just need to shift a little bit here and there. However my main aim since reaching my weight goal is toning up. I am proud to say that my abs are coming back, my bum is smaller and my arms are a lot thinner. Woohoo. Progress. I am finally the weight and the size that I wanted to get to, as I wanted my old body back from ten years ago. After sitting on my butt at work and having two kids, I really wanted to get back to the old me.
I thought I would share what I love and what I have been eating and doing to achieve this. A lot of what I've been eating and doing is on my blog and instagram already, but this is a round up of what I've not written about.

I do want to say that I am not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. I have gone with what I feel is best for me, with plenty of suggestions from professionals and friends in the business.

Firstly my eating has improved greatly, and this time, I've stuck to it. Well, you know, we all have treats, but I'm not having treats every day and every night. I'm exercising a lot more, this helps with having doggies, as I get to have lovely long walks. I also have a few favourites on YouTube that I've been watching and following.

Breakfast has consisted of Oats and Fruit nearly every day. I generally have Quaker Oats pouches or similar. I don't like plain porridge, I need it sweet, so I have the Golden Syrup flavour or the Apple and Blueberry or Strawberry and Banana flavours. These are delicious and so easy. I'll generally add a banana or apple, and sometimes even blueberries. I've almost finished my Lean Greens and I've had this nearly every morning too. Just to make sure I'm getting the vegetables that I need.

Lunch has varied, as it depends what I'm doing. I can have a sandwich (using thins or pitta bread mainly) with ....anything really, ham, cheese, avocado, chicken etc etc or I'll have a salad, or I'll have loads of fruit and a protein shake, or I'll even have last nights dinner leftovers. I also love a good mozzerella and avocado salad, with possibly a tomato. It really depends. However, I make sure I eat a good amount of food. I love food, I don't know how anyone thinks not eating is going to help them loose weight. We need food for fuel. (Joe Coach taught me this). My dinners are very similar, just a larger portion and I'll include rice, pasta and potatoes too, unless I have a green salad.

I am trying not to snack throughout the day, however if I do, I'll have a health bar of some description, or oat bites, or one of my chocolate protein balls. After a long walk or a work out I will have a Nutribuddy Protein Shake. This has really helped me this year. If I fancy chocolate, I'll have a shake instead. It feels me up with low calories. Plus, I've experimented with nearly all the different milks and mixed them up and just changed the flavour so its always different. I've tried, Almond, Hazelnut, Oat, Coconut and even Hemp Milk. I will only ever buy it if its on offer at the supermarket though, as it can get quite costly. Although Aldi, now do Almond milk for 99p. So if I'm in there I'll be buying that too.

Staying hydrated. Now, I've always struggled drinking loads of water, but I do like infused fruit water. This is super healthy and gives you flavour and the water intake too. I mix it up. I like strawberries, lemon or cucumber water. I'm loving my Matcha tea too, and will add it to any protein shake or fruit mixer.
Walking gets me out and about and I've found some lovely areas near where I live. I also keep track (not every day) of my walks and the distance, just to give me idea. I use the Walk My Dog App. It counts my distance, calories used and my pace as well as hill gradients etc.
I'm not one for writing everything down or doing the same routines, as this would bore me. I need to continue to do it all for "fun"  or its all to regimented for me. I can do anything from a 5km to 9km dog walk or if I don't track it I could walk anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours.
I'll also do anything from a five minute exercise workout to half an hour. It really depends on my mood and what time it is. I'm not a gym person, I'd prefer to stay at home. Some days, I'll do exercises throughout the day. I like to do random moves like .... for example......squatting whilst brushing my teeth, squatting in the kitchen whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or food to cook, or I'll do push ups whilst leaning on the kitchen worktop, I might even lunge my way around the house. Another good one is being a mum and forgetting why you've just run up the stairs, so you'll come down and then remember and run up the stairs again. Sometimes I'll even do this for fun.
I've watched quite a few fitness videos and this has also given me ideas of quick five minutes exercises to do throughout the day.
I have tried to plank every single night though. I use this as meditation before bed. Don't ask, I just like to do it then. I can now do a two minute plank, not always...sometimes I'll still only manage 30 seconds then I'll rest and do it again. I enjoy the planking exercises, as then it distracts you from the fact that you are actually still planking. The mountain climbers or the spiderman planks are good. I also like planking around the world - which is planking whilst moving around in a circle. Youtube taught me this.

I like to watch and learn from these videos and fitness tips.

Joe The Body Coach: He's fun to watch, and he looks mighty fine too !!! He has two books out now and has been a worldwide success. He is someone that I think is a great role model. He believes in food and exercising. You must follow this guy, he's everywhere and he makes sense So listen to him.
YouTube The Body Coach

I've also been enjoying Fitness Blender on YouTube too. Have a watch of a few of these and get involved. They do some great fun workouts and they are realistic too. When I need a rest, that's ok, just do what you can. Something is always better than nothing.
YouTube Fitness Blender

My other favourite lady to work out with is gorgeous and she is such an inspiration. She talks throughout the whole way through her routines and seems like nothing bothers her. I can't do all of her videos, but I try my hardest. She has some really fun videos, and there are absolutely loads to choose from. I love her Ab and Planking videos. Body Goals!!!
YouTube XHIT

Here's me a few weeks ago !! Still Smiling !!

I've signed up to my local StarLight Walk which is 13 mile walk at night time. I could have just done the 6 mile, but I thought I'd challenge myself. 20km !! I'm not a runner, I can run say 200m and then I need a rest. This I will continue to work on!! (whilst I'm hiding in the woods where no one can see me)
I will continue to eat healthy and to do my work out and watch my fitness videos.
When it comes to exercise :

Something is always better than Nothing.

Give yourself Goals and stick to them.

Eat healthily, do not take short cuts - these will not work in the long run. I don't care what they will always have to go back to them until you train yourself to eat healthily and to exercise.

Right - That's me done, I'm off out for a fast paced walk, then back to do a ten minute workout !!
Any tips, comments, food suggestions, please leave them below.

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