Renna's Discoveries: Tangle Angel - The Most Beautiful Brush in The World!!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Tangle Angel - The Most Beautiful Brush in The World!!

I wanted to share an amazing product which I think will help every parent with girls. Obviously this product is amazing for absolutely everyone else, that has hair, but, when I saw it it I knew it would make my life and my daughters life easier. Especially in the morning or after the shower. Less tears, and more smiles. 
Its a brush!! But, not just any kind of brush, this is an Tangle Angel. This has got to be the most beautiful brush I have ever my life. A brush that has its own angel wings. 
It's designed to go straight through your hair releasing all the knots easily and with less pain. 

 It is shaped into Angel Wings to make brushing less scary. Well this is my thought on it.
However, Celebrity and Royal Hairdresser Richard Ward said that this particular brush was designed through customers demands. A lot of people like a certain brush that is best used on wet hair, but, all brushes need handles, so Richard came up with the Tangle Angel.
 Customers also wanted travel versions that could easily go with them to the gym, or just to put in their handbags, so Richard designed different sizes to suit different people. So we also have the Tangle Cherub which is the smaller size. This is the one I thought my daughter would love. I was right too!! She absolutely loves this. It is easy for her to use independently, and it really does just glide through her hair. No tears, no shouting 'you're hurting me!!!!!!' its been bliss. She's actually enjoyed brushing her hair. Yes, I'm not lying, she really does.
The way it is designed with the V shaped bristles help make your hair shine too.
As well as its beauty and comfort, it's also practical. stands !!! Woohoo, how amazing is this. If I could I would have the whole collection. They come in so many colours and metallic ones too. They are super funky to look at and very comfortable to hold and use.  
 I think these make the perfect gift too. They look great in the box and they are a really good price.
Heaven sent hair, it says. It's True ! Heat Resistant, antic static, water resistant, and antibacterial. So you can use this with the hair dryer, in the shower and straight after the shower.

 You can see that all the soft plastic bristles are lots of different heights to make gliding through your hair easier.

The Tangel Angels are £14.95
The Tangle Cherub is £9.95

Ricahrd Ward also has his own accessories too. The bands are design not to snag at your hair and are soft to the touch and the clip is super secure in your hair. The perfect hairdressers clips.

I am most definitely going to get more as gifts as I believe they are so good that everyone must try them. 
There is even a version for your dogs !!

Have a look at their website and see all the wonderful colours and order order order !! I promise you wont regret it.

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What do you think ?

*I won this item in a competition