Renna's Discoveries: Update on Lean Greens Drink - Food Supplements

Monday, May 09, 2016

Update on Lean Greens Drink - Food Supplements

Lean Greens, Super Greens are amazing for you. I have really enjoyed drinking Lean Greens every day. It is by far the tastiest super green drink I have ever had. 
I've been mixing it with Water or Coconut Water and sometimes I'll add a splash of Apple Juice just to sweeten it a little if I have it with just water.
I've also mixed it with different shakers and a blender to see if there is any different and tried adding fruit to it. 

This Lean Green smoothie had added strawberries and I have to say, it was very nice. I didn't think to start blending it with fruit until the weather started to get hot, as I fancied a refreshing healthy drink in the sun in the mornings. 

It sure doesn't look very pretty, but it tasted just like strawberry water. There are many ways of using Lean Greens into shakes and smoothies if you would prefer to mix it. If you are into your spinach, Kale, Banana and Mango smoothies, then a scoop of Lean Greens will add so much extra goodness to it too. 
I would definitely recommend Lean Greens. Especially if you're a person that doesn't eat a lot of vegetables, at least this way, you can get a huge hit of goodness in a quick drink. Or even if you do eat loads of healthy vegetables, a few more is always good. This tub is still going strong after two and a half weeks. I'd say a tub a month is about right. 
I can't say whether I've felt any different, as I generally eat healthy - ish , most of the time anyways, but, it sure has stopped any feeling of hunger throughout the morning. So, I've not even thought about foods before lunch time. 
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