Renna's Discoveries: Winnie's Original London - Purveyors of Exquiste Condiments. The Most Luxurious Jam in the World.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Winnie's Original London - Purveyors of Exquiste Condiments. The Most Luxurious Jam in the World.

I love Jam, I have spent my whole life eating it. I love a variety of flavours however, my favourites are strawberry and apricot. Being as these two are very popular flavours I have tried many many brands. Some brands are full of fruit, others have half and half and some brands just do the jam with no bits. I actually don't mind any. The only problem that I have had in the past, is that some brands can just taste really artificial. Obviously, the best jams are home made. Yes, I have made jams in the past and I have many friends that love making jams. They make great gifts too a friend of mine always gives me Jam or Chutney at Christmas. 
I came across a new brand at a Foodie Event called Winnie's Original and we tasted the Strawberry Velvet Jam and I instantly fell in love with it. It was definitely a Wow moment. 
These jams are pure luxury, I personally have not tasted any jam like it before or after. 

Winnie's Original are purveyors of Exquisite Condiments.
They are based in London UK and their business started when they decided to put what they had learnt from their parents and grandparents into making exquisite tasting condiments. The brand has been named after their Mum, Winnie who has taught them all about flavours and mixing them to make extravagant flavours.
So far their Jam collection has two absolutely amazing flavours. The main thing I love about Winnie's is that they are so different from everyone else, you can tell they are home made and they taste divine. They are purely natural, as they contain no artificial ingredients. They have the actual whole fruit in the jam. It's not puréed into something unrecognisable so you know exactly what it is.
At present their jams are : The Seductive Strawberry Velvet Jam with Gold and The Uncompromised Cherry Almond Jam. There will be more to come in the future which I am very excited about. 
The first proof of luxury is the packaging. I love the shape of the jars and they arrive beautifully boxed too. The second proof is the Strawberry Jam has real 23ct Gold included. It has so much you can actually see the gold within the jam. This is something very new to me. It also contains whole blueberries which is why is tastes like no other, plus you can actually taste the rich blueberries. Blueberries are great for your heart and they are super healthy for you too.
Can you see the beautiful shine the jams produce, and those little flecks, that's the Gold !

 I love jam on any bread, croissant, brioche, pancake, crumpet and in a cake. Warm toast or fresh bread or scones straight out of the oven is obviously the best. This is an Afternoon Tea in Heaven product. If I was in a Hotel or Restaurant and they served me this Strawberry Jam, I would know for sure that where I was only served the absolute best of what they could find.
 These jams do not taste like anything that you'll find in the shops. These are as upmarket as you can get. I could easily say these are your Rolex jams.
The Cherry Almond Jam is the very best and extremely posh bake-well tart. There are no artificial flavours here, and it contains whole cherries that you can squish into your brioche toast. Its very sweet and you can taste the port that's in it.

You must try these jams, sells them in your shops or serve them in your restaurants. Contact Winnie's Original on their website to discuss further or to place your orders.