Renna's Discoveries: Winnie's Original - Sweet Chilli Apple Sauce

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Winnie's Original - Sweet Chilli Apple Sauce

I need to tell you about some really scrumptious apple sauce. This isn't your run of the mill apple sauce, this is apple sauce with a bite. This is also a very versatile sauce, as it can be used in many ways.

I absolutely love the taste. It is exactly what it says on the label. It is an utterly scrumptious sweet chilli apple sauce.
I've written about Winnie's Original Jams in a previous post here, however as this is a sauce, I thought I'd give it its own post. Plus it deserves it.
I've always loved apple sauce, as I used to have it with my roast pork on a Sunday. I so wish we had Winnie's years ago, as this would have really perked up the good old Sunday Roast.
Now, if you are not a fan of anything spicy, then avoid this as it really does have some heat to it, however, I think its a fun heat, that you can keep enjoying with every mouthful.
Here it is close up. A very simple ingredients list of apples, spices, sugar, chilli and lemon.
It smells like a apple sauce with added lemon, and as you can see it has a good amount of chilli in it.
Because the apples are sweet they really work together well with the chilli heat. This wont make you sweat with the heat from the chillies, this is a nice explosion in your mouth, and definitely worth trying.It sounds strange to say, but, it looks good on the plate too. It literally shines at you.
We've enjoyed this sauce with Cheese. All kinds of cheese actually, no preference. You can just  have it in a cheddar cheese sandwich to make it more exciting, or with hot ooozzing Camembert.
We've also had it with chicken and pork and it works wonders. I'd like to try it as a glaze for a Ham roast, as I think that would be incredible.
Here's a picture of oven baked breaded camembert which was just delicious. The chilli wakes up every meal I've had it with.

I also love the packaging, it is a super posh apple sauce and very sexy too.
You must try their Jams too, and if you have a shop or restaurant, these are definitely products that you need to stock and serve. Contact Winnie's via their website to discuss further.

These also make gorgeous gifts and great for dinner parties too.

Stay watching as Winnie's is always coming up with new sauces and marinades. I simply can not wait for the next instalment. Sign up to the mailing list to stay informed.