Renna's Discoveries: Phoenix Fitness Products - Workout at Home !!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Phoenix Fitness Products - Workout at Home !!

I've come across a really good website that sells all sorts of wonderful fitness and travel items, as well as home and kids stuff. Its a website full of wonderful goodies and something for everyone.
However, for now, I'm going to tell you about a few fitness items I have at home that are from the website.
I've been trying my hardest to get fit and healthy this year. I've lost the weight I wanted, and now I'm trying to tone up when I have the time. However, I'm not a gym person, so I prefer to exercise at home. I do wish I had a gym partner sometimes, but with having kids my times clash with others. So being at home, is better than nothing !!
The items I have are the Ab Roller, the Light Resistance Tube and a Pedometer so I know how many steps I've done a day, or a walk.

The Ab Roller is £10.99 and you have to fit it together yourself. Very easy to assemble and takes five seconds. This is harder than it looks with practice, I'm getting there. This helps with your core muscles and also strengthens your whole body. I spoke a fitness friend and she recommended I only do the exercise that it shown on the box and to be very careful whilst using this, as mistakes could cause back strains, so do as it says, and all will be fine. However, I have enjoyed using this, I'm still only using it for a short time but you can really feel it working. The handles are padded foam, so it is comfortable to hold for a long period of time. This is also recommended to be used on a mat, not just any floor. So although I have been using it in my kitchen as its flat, you do need something under your knees. So I will be ordering a Phoenix fitness mat next!! As that's super stylish !
 The Light Resistance Tube is £6.99, and comes in Light, Medium and Strong. So depending on your fitness levels, you can make it easy or harder. Its up to you. I've gone for the light, as for now, that's good enough for me. In the future I can move up to the medium level.
I really enjoy using this. Its super easy and you can do it for as long as possible. The handles are padded so it's comfortable to use. I prefer to put both my feet on the elastic whilst standing and then just raise my arms up into biceps curls or I'll raise to the side. You can basically pull them in any direction you like. Its really good for toning up the arms and of course you can do different exercises with them to include squats like they say on the box. You can use it for your entire body. I do not recommend sitting on the floor with your legs straight out and holding the elastic under your feet,as the elastic can swing back and get you right in the face....lesson learnt !!
This is also great, as it doesn't take up much room and can be hidden in a draw or box when its not being used.
The Pedometer is £10.99. I wanted this so I could track my steps whilst out walking. I keep reading about the 10k step a day challenge and that we should all be doing this daily. If you go walking for an hour a day, you've pretty much smashed it. However, sometimes this isn't possible, especially if you sit for long periods of the day in an office, so you can use the pedometer to keep track of your steps throughout the day. It has the time, step counts, km counter and calories burnt off counter. These pictures are taken after I've spent time sitting, and just generally walking around the house for a couple of hours. When I go out for walks, I've generally finished at 9k steps, which makes me feel good, as I've achieved something each day. If I'm honest, I haven't kept it on all day as once I've reached a certain number and I'm happy, I don't need to know how many more steps I've done. Saying that, it is really comfortable as you just clip it onto your trousers or shorts at your hip bone and go from there. You can forget you're wearing it. This is a good accessory to have. The only negative on this is you cant keep track on an app, or get a print out of the results. This is purely a digital counter.

Next on my list is the Fitness Mat, the kettle bells and the dumbells to get. Get yours too, and lets do this together !

The summer is here so you can even exercise in the garden enjoying the sunshine!!