Renna's Discoveries: My Floatworks Experience - London

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

My Floatworks Experience - London

Life can be hectic and very stressful at times and we all need to just sit back and relax. It's what we call Me Time. It's a time to remember who you are and not let anything get in the way. I was in desperate need of this. Being a stay at home mum, it can be difficult to switch off and just relax, as there is always something to do. My Me Time generally starts about 9pm if I'm lucky and that's just time to catch up on my favourite TV programmes...but in that time, I still might get a wash load in or fill or empty the dishwasher. So when I get to go out with my friends, I love it. So I thought I would double up the experience, with giving them Me Time too.

When I was younger and on a ski-ing trip with School in France, I got to experience a float tank. It was a large bath with a pull down cover that had a really large amount of Salt in it which then lets you float when you enter. Just like the Dead Sea. I remember it being wooden and very long. The idea of a float tank is just to Relax and let all the worries just slip away. At 16 I did it for fun and to experience something new. It was an experience I never forgot and always wanted to do it again.

There was a Floatworks in London, but I just never got around to going, and when I could and had the time, it then shut down. I was so disappointed as I kept seeing it everywhere and kept saying....yep, one day I'll book myself in....well it just never happened.

However....its back !! Under new management, but still with the old owners involved, and in a bright new location. It only reopened in April 2016 so its still very new.
They are now based in Vauxhall in London, literally two minutes from the train and bus station. They are in the very peaceful courtyard of St Georges Wharf. It is lovely in the courtyard, as you can sit and relax by the water feature afterwards.
 You literally can not miss it. The sign is above two glass doors and you walk straight into a small reception area. I have to say that I love the colour scheme, it is obviously the colour of the sea and very calm,
We were greeted by the receptionist and checked in. We had to go through the rules of floating and what we would expect from our experience.
I invited three of my friends to share the experience with me which was perfect as there are only four Floatwork pods. So we had the whole place to ourselves. I like to invite my friends, as I always find it better to get different opinions from different people. Floatation is meant to improve your moods and make you happy or happier depending what mood you are in. In a deep float your dopamine and endorphins levels go through the roof. Your blood pressure is also reduced and it can also help with anxiety and depression. It also benefits body traumas and mental traumas. So, it is beneficial for literally everyone. It is a complete all rounder of pure and utter relaxation. So numerous float experience are recommended. They do sell them as packages, so you can book 3 to 5 sessions at a time, or start a membership. Each float session lasts an hour and obviously the more floats you book, the higher the discount.
In the reception they sell Teas and Epsom Salt alongside other toiletries that they use within Floatworks.
 My friend bought some epsom salts as it is really good for the skin and she makes her own body scrubs from it. I might have to get some next time, as its a really good price at £3.50 a bag.

 Once we had completed all the paperwork and the two members of staff were happy for us to go through, we were taken into The Quiet Zone to be shown around.

 There are very large lockers to put all of your belongings in and you can then put their Flip Flops on to enter the pod rooms. Our receptionist explained how the float pods works and what we need to do in emergencies and she also explained how the pods would benefit us and what we should do afterwards.
There are four pod rooms, all with their own shower and changing area. The rooms were all slightly different sizes, Room Four being the largest and Room One being the smallest. Not that it really matters, but if you are a larger person, then you will need Room Four. This is the room we were shown into first.
The water in the pods is at body temperature as well as the room and pod air, so you should get the feeling of not knowing what part of your body is in the water and what isn't. The Epsom salts or Magnesium Sulphate is a cure all product and is filtered through into the water, this is then soaked into the skin and absorbed into the body. This is what makes you feel amazing afterwards as well as relaxed. The tank water is fully filtered four times after each float, so don't worry, you wont be floating in anyone else's water.
This is Room One - My Room.
Here is the Pod closed. Its looks very futuristic and definitely not like the tank I used when I was 16!! They have certainly come a long way since. When they were building Floatworks, the rooms all had to built around the pods as they are the largest in the World. So even if you are claustrophobic, you should be fine in these pods. The pod literally takes over the room its so large. I had a nice small shower, whereas the other rooms all had larger double sized showers.

In the room, you get undressed and hang up your clothes and shower before you enter the pod. You are given ear plugs to stop any water from entering your ears and to shut out any noises and Vaseline to go over any cuts.
 The room has a blue light to start you off with the relaxation process. Even the shower had a blue light..
 So after I showered I was ready to go. I kept my hair down so I had no tightness near my head and I could just ...... float away.
 Once you are in the room the light stays on and music is played. The lights and music all turn off after ten minutes, so you are just in complete darkness and silence. Sounds quite scary doesn't it, however, as we found out afterwards, if you really do not like silence, you can request the music stay on, and you can also leave the pod open just an inch to keep the blue light on.
I have to say, I did keep my blue light on, as I was busy just exploring and seeing what I could do in the water. I know....there's not much to look at, but, I was watching myself float !! You have to enter the pods gently and get onto your knees and then swing you legs out from under you and straighten up, and that's it....You're Floating.
I really liked the feeling of floating, so I was messing around for a while, like doing angels in the water and turning around and back again and swishing side to side. So after my fun, I started to concentrate and try and relax, it took me a while, but once I was comfortable with my hands behind my neck I finally got there....Then out of nowhere the music in the room came back on. I couldn't believe it, my hour was up. I have absolutely no idea where the time went, I couldn't tell you if I fell asleep or if my body just switched off completely. I opened my eyes and laid there listening to the music for a while and then decided to get out and have a shower. I washed my hair with their products and had a good wash. Once dressed, I left the room and drifted up the stairs to The Hollywood Room.
 They had these really funky miniature pineapple plants everywhere. I really wanted to take one home, they were so cute.
So, here's the Hollywood Room. They have four stalls all equipped with its own hair dryer and straighteners along with a few other essentials. This is a room most ladies would love at home. I definitely want the mirror !!

Once I was ready, I went into The Chill Out Room.
 This was a cool little room, perfect for the four of us to sit and discuss our thoughts and have a cup of tea. Personally I would have preferred fruit infused water like cucumber as I really needed to down a glass of something refreshing and cold.

Whilst discussing our thoughts the Owner, Chris came in and had a chat with us and we went through the benefits again and why he chose to reopen the company. We all bounced ideas about new locations and what we would like to see in the future. He is a really lovely guy, and clearly uses the float tanks A lot. He is the Most relaxed guy I have ever met. I was very jealous, as I would happily use the tanks every week !!

I actually really enjoyed my experience. Ok so it took me a while to relax but it was my first I know that if I continued to use it regularly I am convinced this would help me stay calm and not let small things bother me, it would also help me sleep much better. I liked the feeling of just not letting anything bother me when I got home later, and with having kids, this was amazing.

My friends all had different experiences.
One loved it and thinks she would enjoy it more and more with each session.
One hated it and felt bored, but she just couldn't relax. I think if she did again, she may feel the benefits, but you have to let yourself switch off, and she finds this difficult. However, she would recommend it.
One liked it...but found it difficult to relax too. She would try it again though and she would recommend it.

I would suggest everyone try this. It is becoming incredibly popular and they are open until 10.00pm because it is so busy. They are currently looking into new premises, and I do hope they open up nearer me, so I could use it more often. A single float is £55 however if you keep checking the website, they do offer special deals for first timers and package deals.

Here is their website , have a read and then book yourself in via the online calender or call them on 0207 3570111

They have just released a video of their Grand Opening in April and this will show you all you need to convince you to book up.

When you book up, quote or use my own special code RENNA to get 20% off the original price

*We were offered a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.